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portable digital weighting scale

Check out the great portable digital weighting scale to see if there is any that suits you. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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portable digital weighting scale Customers Reviews

  • Best value for the job, but don't expect lab quality

    posted by Siaynoq

    - very cheap compared to the 0.001 precision- didn't calibrate with lab. weights but seems to be 0.001 precise- easy to use- different unit display- comes with calibration weights
    Be careful, if you push the material holder too hard, it can falsify the actual measurement. As with these precision balances, you have to be very careful, they are delicate machines.
    If you're a beginner/amateur chemist or hobbyist, this is the thing which is good to start with.
  • Perfect for me!

    posted by rndpeq30imnip

    Perfect for trips, weighing all kinds of objects. A lot cheaper than similar objects purchased in Norway.
    Feels good.
    Looks good.
    Works really good.
    Tested with different weights, all seem to be measured correctly.
    Just buy it, worth every penny! I have no problem suggesting others to buy it, I will buy some more items handing out to my friends.
  • Great for travellers

    posted by ALWest

    - product works as expected (accurate when tested against house scales, for luggage)- small, compact design.- good strong plastic body, and good strap, solid metal hook.- hand strap good design for larger bags, can also be hung off items if user is weak (better than plastic handles etc)- clear numbers.- easy on/off/weigh/reset functions- replaceable batteries means you never get to the airport and have a flat battery, you just replace them. very good.- GREAT gift for people travelling- very useful to own.
    - a great gift idea, or for yourself.- amazing value for money.- reliably accurate. airport scales are very accurate, however in the hotel while packing, this is very useful.- can hang it off a handle or rail if you are weak, the strap is user friendly.- easy to operate
    - great purchase, great value, excellent when travelling or as a gift.
  • Very useful

    posted by fixer

    Quite well build. Strong and compact but looks brutal )). Weight of this scale is only 107.5g. Fully fits in the palm of my hand (in length). Comes with two AAA batteries that lasts for me more then one year and counting… (occasional use). Easy-opened battery bay (in mine unit). Also quite well build inside (PCB). Nice blue screen, with bright clear numbers. Precision is more than needed for farm market shopping or home use (just do not try measure the diamonds with it) ))). With several unit types (kilograms, pounds (US), ounces (US) and JIN (chinese, I guess)), so you can do a simple mass conversions for no reason (or even for research purposes)! I'm joking.
    Worth of it's money even at DX. I'll buy more for mates (good for occasional gifts etc.). And will buy HERE again.
    You can save some money in "not fair trade" places (I do) or not to pay extra fees in airport for overloaded luggage (I'm not). Three stars for price (I'm try to play fear), but in spite of this the overall rating is ?????.
  • Very Good Buy

    posted by Sallynoor

    Small in size, make it very easy to keep anywhere.Portable, can even take it in your trips.Very light in weight but strong enough to do its job.Support up to 150 Kg.
    If you have big feet, you need to balance yourself to get accurate results.Do not forget to buy 2 AAA batteries with the scale as it comes without.
    Small in size, make it very easy to keep anywhere.Portable, can even take it in your trips.Very light in weight but strong enough to do its job.Support up to 150 Kg.Good Buy and would definitely recommend to friends and family

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