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  • Strong and efficient

    posted by DSCsmw

    It's really, really strong. The main body is made with plastic, but it has rubber all around the contact areas to make sure it won't scratch your tablet or phone (or even your table, since the bottom parts are rubber too). It allows you to adjust everything, from the opening of the "legs" to the angle it will be directed.
    I removed the top part and use it to hold my tablet pc while using it on a table. Does the job really well. It also has a lot of materials; I can see 4 different kinds of rubber on it, and also uses metal and plastic.
    Looking for a good stand and has some spare money? Buy it.
  • Really useful

    posted by Foobarbazqux

    The battery lasts a long time. I can now use my computer for a full day of courses at the university without problems.
    It comes with many adapters, so I know that if I buy another computer, I'll be able to use this battery with it too.
    It's lighter than I expected.
    The LEDs to check the battery load are really handy.
    Although the solar panels are more a toy than a useful feature for me, in some cases, travelling for example, it might be really handy.
    If you use often your computer and have often problems because you don't know if you'll have enough battery for doing what you have to, then you are in the case I was before I bought this external battery :-)
  • Perfect usb output

    posted by Forny99

    - Product with good workmanship- Great price- Easy installation- ergonomic- plug and playSmall, it fits easily in the pocket of your jacked.Delivery was very fast: least three weeks This product came in its original packaging store.PORTUGUESE- Produto com bom acabamento- preço barato- instalação super fácil- ergonômico-plug and playPequeno, cabe no bolso!A entrega foi feita muito rápido, em menos de três semanas estava em minha casa.
    Buy it. Worth it. Great product.portugueseCompre-o. Vale a pena. Grande produto.
    Buy it. Worth it.
  • Small, cheap and clever stand for your mobile phone

    posted by eMund

    This is a really small stand. At first I was disappointed but now when I use it almost every day, I understand its qualities. The most important thing is that it is so small. When folded, you can easily put it in your pocket, wallet or hide it in your hand. This makes it optimal to use when traveling.
    A fun gadget to pull out of the pocket when someone will show a movie for you. A good product to give away as promotional with your company logo.
    A simple and inexpensive set to almost all mobiles. Nice to have when you want to watch movies or to use the phone as a clock by your bed. Gives you a little more use out of your cell phone.


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