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  • Great product at a great price

    posted by davidmezza11

    This lantern lamp is definetly the greates product I have ever ordered from DX, the built quality is awesome and it can not be found locally on any store, the gas tanks are cheap and accesible in most hardware stores, it throws a decent amount of light, kind of yellowish but it still does a good job, I bought it mainly for camping purposes because of it's size. the materials and the assembly look well made, the oring does not leak gas, the aperture valve works fine also. another thing I really liked is the case or box that is included it can protects the lamp from damage and is really easy to transport.
    Buy it if you liked the old school gas lamps
    Get support on Youtube videos on how to position and prepare the lightning element since it has to be burned before use.
  • Excellent for camping or office

    posted by mgalicia

    This device is very useful due to its compact size, it can easily be added to a survival kit, camping, purse or where required to have a multitool. The footprint is minimal so it is easy to transport, is of good material and durable, can cut wood without problems
    The chain is long and wide enough to cut logs so fast without much effort. It is more practical than a hand saw, due to movement of pull that can be performed with both clips.
    the black is right
  • Good cold weather gas stove

    posted by NikoJorj

    Light CheapWell built, thoughCan function with inverted canister when temp is freezingStable
    Set an effective DIY windscreen with a thin steel foil 1"1/2 high and three slots to slit in the stove legs.
    An inverted canister stove that's suitable not only for normal camping (more stable than conventional design on top of the canister) but also for high altitude/cold use thanks to the preheat tube, at very good price!
  • lightweight single person pot

    posted by Yellowtux

    Lightweight Potinner Diameter apx. 135mmuseable volume apx. 700mlfilled up volume apx. 950mlweight: Pot 142gr, Cover 60gr, total 202 gr. the cover is fitting well.
    good for single hike.I took pictures with 700ml (useable you can stir, and 950ml will boil over if you cook)
    recommended for one person if low weight is important. If you do not need the cover you can save 60gr.
  • Nice little work light

    posted by murcod

    Compact size, wide beam angle, mostly well made and constructed, comes with mains and 12VDC chargers. I haven't tested the running time but it certainly seems like it will last at least a couple of hours. Capable of lighting up a large area, but for fine work you need it within arm's reach for decent lighting.It runs cool and has waterproof covers on the switch and charging port.
    It's a bit pricey, but I'm glad I bought it. I've used it in roof spaces for doing wiring and it will be perfect for working in or under a car. It would also be good for camping given the wide angle of the light. It's the usual blue tinged LED white light colour, but it's not excessively blue.
    Providing it lasts the distance it's an excellent investment for any handyman.

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