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  • Nice try

    posted by Tometa

    Solid finishing. Works as described. Easy connection on my android smartphone and on my tablet. Low battery consumption - I still did not recharge it after several weeks of usage. Still faster then any other inputs I tried (swipe, 8pen) on android.
    Hard to use it in lap, needs desk or other solid base.
    Good for the price.
  • Great Product

    posted by CallOfDutyNL

    -The case came in a nice hard carton package and had had the looks of a fine package,-The ipad is easy to place in the case and is easy to remove as well for optimal use.-The connector to charge the keyboard is placed in such a way that both the ipad and the connector can be charged without cables interfering with each other.- The keyboard is realy easy to configure, <turn BT on on the ipad and click connect on the keyboard the rest shows itself through messages on screen>.- The keyboard is compatible with all sorts of BT so i connected it to my other tablets and iphone when i want to type on those.-Due to the keyboard being made of silicone , it is perfectly fine to spill liquids over it since it wont effect the inner parts of the keyboard.
    The case has two parts, the holding part for the ipad and the integrated keyboard. the Leather is of fine quality and will hold out for quite some time.The wiring seems to be well made and is molded into the silicone so it will last longer.
    It is a well made product to ease your typing.The batery will hold out around 80 hours before you need to recharge it, wich is quite a long time.However you do need to learn to type on it if you have never typed on a silicone keyboard before.That will get you irritated at some point but you wont take very long to learn how to type on silicone
  • Great buy. Period.

    posted by anthraxman

    - Relatively cheap- Very nice design- Decent build quality (It's not like regular China junk)- All the buttons work- Includes mouse- I was very impressed with the manual! It's well written, and includes guides for several different BT-programmes, in addition to nice pictures and good descriptions.- Again, it actually works!
    The keyboard feels a little light. I'm not sure whether to put this in cons or pros. I'd prefer it weighing a little more. On the other hand, you won't get tired in your hands after using it for a while :-)I've not yet gotten to test the battery life.
    The cheapest wireless keyboard with mouse that I could find in Norway is apx. 60 USD. The cheapest BlueTooth-keyboard I could find that actually had a mouse/trackpad is the DiNovo mini, which clocks in at a staggering 150 dollars. Plus shipping.So the bottom line is: If you need something like this, and like the looks of it, buy it. I have no problem what so ever recommending this keyboard.Theres a little NB! though. Though the outer shell is of good quality, I wouldn't bet my savings on the inner workings. It's probably poorly soldered, and will most likely break if you drop it to the ground. So be careful with it!
  • Extends the use of ipad

    posted by mgunal

    - Good quality plastic and keys- ipad fits correctly - Keys are responsive, Works pretty fine- easy to use- easy to carry
    it makes typing on ipad significantly easy, first time in my life I'm waiting my girlfriend to answer my message, it also works on iphone..
    if you are looking for a ipad keyboard which is easy to use, easy to carry with you and has sufficent quality, this one is a good alternative.
  • Very nice keyboard. But impossible to use with Win7 64bits

    posted by MarcusOC

    * Works fine with Android.* Works fine with galaxy note 10.* Beautiful.* Lightweight.* Very confortable to use.* Similiar with Apple keyboards.* The keyboard itself looks great and very similar to some more expensive ones from the top.* PAir with my HTC as well.
    * Good choice with Galaxy Note.
    * Good option to buy if you don´t use Win7 64bits.


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