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You can buy cheap portable bluetooth speakers from us. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. Of course, you can find them from bluetooth music speakers, bluetooth 2.1 speaker. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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portable bluetooth speakers Customers Reviews

  • Excelent product

    posted by cabalero

    I am very amazed of the quality of this speakers. Will order more to give as gifts because the sound is very very good. I also have bigger, Philips 2+1 speakers but lately I listen to these instead.I listed moderate, maybe one hour a day while getting ready to go to work and the battery is in it's second week now!The bass is also very impressive and the size is perfect for portability. Not too small, not to big. They sound bigger then they are :)
    I very recommend these speakers.
  • awsome speaker

    posted by Colpi

    Its very loud for such a little speaker. I use it in the bathroom, so not the ideal place for a speaker but works great. The connection is easy to set up and a beeb sounds when linked. When you play a song a higher volume al the lights on the middle start flashing on the beat of the sound. But at lower it doesn't. I couple it with my tablet playing on winamp. The forward and back button work great, but the volume doesn't do anything but that can be that it is my tablet or it is only when you connect usb to the speaker and you use volume control that way. The suction cup you get is handy, but when you mount it make sure the cup is wet so it gets a good seal with the surface. battery life is also good.
    I thought it would be bigger, but its more like an oversized egg. What made it even better. Small and still good.
    If you are looking for good, cheap bleuthooth speaker, this is a very good one, but make sure you can place it because you cant put it just on your desk.
  • Amazing!

    posted by Skreadd

    The product is really compact, it's easy to take it one the road, in the garden or everywhere you want! The sound is really good too! The really good thing, in my opinion, is the Bluetooth. It's really easy to listen music!
    The color is really beautiful and the "quality touch" is good too! Not a cheap product when you have it in hands.
    Really good product on all the sides! I recommend it!
  • Very good.

    posted by drewcrosby

    Compact without being too small.Accepts multiple inputs: 3.5mm AUX, Bluetooth, SD/TF card (up to 64GB according to manual).Easy BT pairing.Good sound quality with better bass than I expected.Can be used as a hands-free Bluetooth caller.Uses microUSB to charge.MicroUSB and 3.5mm cables included.Looks nice, and the red/blue LED ring is neat.Can control Bluetooth music playback from phone using buttons on speaker.Having it connected to a charger doesn't seem to affect sound quality like some other speakers while connected with the 3.5mm cable.
    I was pleasantly surprised with how good this speaker sounds. Just have to keep the volume at reasonable levels, because it'll distort at very high volumes. The English in the manual is good enough to be easily understood. The buttons aren't marked with their secondary uses, but they're shown in the manual.
    So far, this seems to be a very good speaker for the price. After I've had it for a month or two, I'll update this review if anything changes. As it is now, I'd recommend this speaker.
  • Best BT-Speaker so far

    posted by Fasti2

    It's a Stereo Speaker and has an additional Bass-Speaker so the Sound-Quality is quite good for such a small speaker system. Setup is easy and the changeable Battery lasts for more than 1 hour listening (I didn't have the opportunity yet to test it beyond 1 hour continuously). The possibility to use it as a Hands free BT Telephone system is another plus. Also the possibility to use a 3.5mm standard stereo audio jack instead of Bluetooth makes it a versatile travel companion. Charging via USB is also a big plus, so you don't need a special wall plug and can even charge it with your laptop or phone charger.And last but not least this small speaker is quite loud for it's size. If you don't exaggerate the volume setting you get pretty good sound and good loudness without too much distortion.
    Put it on a hard surface to get best Bass and sound quality. If you put it on a textile surface like a carpet, the Bass and the Higher tones get too much attenuated so it doesn't sound that good anymore.
    For that price the best speaker I know. I had a HAMA BT-200 before (which was stolen unfortunately) and this one was to replace the HAMA. The Bass is even better than with the BT-200 at 1/3rd the price. Features are quite the same but the DX speaker doesn't need a proprietary charging wall plug. But I have to say that the haptics of the BT-200 is much better than that of the DX one but that's not much of a con here because of the price.

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