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portable battery Customers Reviews

  • Excellent quality for the price

    posted by harsat

    very good quality especially regarding the price. It is solid, 2 amp and 1 amp charger. flashlight is nice, and seems like it can work the flashlight for a week on one charge. batteries are replaceable but they use a very short version of the 18650, thats not so easy to find.
    on the other hand - many aliexpress items need very short 18650 batteries and this product got 5 of them. also - very good for bicycle flashlight - as long as you are not a weight freak and you do not mind the weight....
    very recommended = especially for the price. good for tablets that require 2 amp charge. very happy with purchase.
  • Great battery with flimsy charger

    posted by petur

    - Nice battery- Capacity not measured but seems to be holding OK- excellent build quality
    BEWARE: after connecting charger, switch battery ON or it will not be charging! Charger light must be red.Measured power of charger while charging the battery: Started at about 6W, then slowly rose to 8W for quite a while before it dropped again to about 3W, after some time I disconnected it.Charger became very hot. Power-correction factor was pretty bad at about 0.54.
    Good battery, lousy charger.
  • It's nice...

    posted by patrickmaxxcc

    It works, of course, comes with a little bit of charge. You can use it to power up a lot of devices, I use mine do feed a video receiver and a LCD monitor.The battery life is fine, since you use it just casually.It's well built, looks solid. It powered my router without any problem, so, it works fine.
    It's smaller and easier than a 11.1v Li-Po battery.
    Don't have reason to not buy it. If you need it to replace a 11.1v lipo battery (which don't last too much as this battery), if you want to make your device portable or whatelse you need it, you really should buy, it's a cool product.
  • Received one that doen´t work

    posted by joaoranhel

    Good price, good package, and it is easy to operate it.
    Nice idea as a product, good size and good physical pack. But I think the manufacturer should test all pack before send it to costumers.In certain places in the world it is not viable to ship it back to DX or to the manufacturer, so buying this is quite risky.
    I bought 2 and have only 1 working (50% of chances for having a working product, or it was a bad luck?).
  • Work ok for phone charging. And light ":)

    posted by hevgen

    Small price.Universal USB socket allow to charge any phone with +5 V input using your own cable.No integration of cable make it more compact.Long lighting expected because of 4 AA batteries using.Switch save power if charging is not needed now and allow to store batteries in the power bank.
    Would be good to have the switch more deep in the body to protect from occasional power on.
    Good gadget for "back-up" charging of the phone.

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