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  • A nice mini home photography studio kit

    posted by longj49

    A very nice, portable mini home photography studio kit. Can be easily set up in a matter of few minutes, no hassle. Perfect for taking photos of your collection of toys/gadgets/jewelry. The kit comes in a very nice and strong carrying soft case which also doubles as the studio box when unfolded.
    The lamps can be easily replaced with ones with higher ratings, so that helps. A stronger camera table tripod can be used instead of the included one.
    All in all still a very good buy. Shipping was fast and packaging was good. One issue I had was that DX printed my shipping address on the package label without my apartment's unit number! Lucky my cellphone number was on the label, so the postman managed to call me to arrange the delivery on the same day. Please be more careful next time, DX!
  • Compact bag high capacity

    posted by Fotophilic

    The capacity seems quite large. Should be able to hold a shoe box without issues. The zip is inside, so it is very unlikely that people will open the zip on the outside; although the material seems to be quite easy to cut. The material seems thick actually.
    If you are looking for a cheap foldable bag that you can use it once in a while for big but not so heavy stuff. This is a good buy.
  • Far better than I expected

    posted by admacdo

    Excellent build quality. Waterproof backed material. precision stitching.
    Well, this was quite a surprise. I had one of these from another manufacturer and although it was extremely handy, bits broke on it with straight normal usage and eventually the zip came off, which left me feeling that things could fall out during strenuous activity. This one is in a different class altogether. I have great confidence in it.
    Be aware that there are some good and bad ones out there. This is one of the good ones and the price is virtually the same as the dodgy.
  • Great little stove!

    posted by WayneD4441

    Excellent little stove. The burner throws the heat wider so not central hot spot. Goes from wide open to a simmer with no sputtering or relighting of the flame. The tabs hold all the pots that are in my cookset with no fear of slipping. The base makes it very stable even with my largest pot which was 1.5 liters. It's quiet even wide open and makes good use of the gas canisters.
    For the price a very good little stove. Much cheaper than the others I have seen of similar style and a great little back up stove for power outages as well. Nothing makes you feel better when power goes than getting something hot to eat or drink. Or even hot water to wash with.Overall a good solid stable little camp stove for if you are on a budget.
  • great drop pouch

    posted by blue60

    Cheep, Good Build quality, looks great, works with my tactical vest.
    Not much to say about this, its cheep, and the stitching on this product is good, it will hold a bunch of 10 round tubes (I use it for paintball) as well as at least 4 Tiberius arms Mags. will works great with my Ar-15 mags and 1911 mags.
    Cheep, looks good, great for air-soft or paintball or real steal mags (will hold 2 or 3 Ar-15 mags),

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