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port switch remote Customers Reviews

  • This HDMI switch has a good price/quality ratio

    posted by ekranenburg

    Works well. Does what I expected from it and at a low price.Completely happy with it.Had no problem connecting my devices to it.DVR, Smartphone, Display, all worked as expected.The overall build quality seems fine.
    None whats however. Great HDMI switch for a low price.
    I would recommend it.And now I have to type more text since it keeps complaining I haven't added enough text. And since I still don't have enough I need to keep adding more while there is really not much more to say. Its cheap, its functional.
  • Great functionality for such a small switch :-)

    posted by Ferry171971

    The autoswitching feature is very nice. The manual select button is an excellent way to give the user an alternative of switching when the remote functionality is not working. You don't need an additional power supply to use the switch as it draws it's power from the device that is active. Saves power
    To make best use of the autoswitch function, one should think first of which device has the highest priority of being selected as the switch selects the active device from 1 to 5 in that order. Saves time finding the remote to select another device.
    A great product for a good price. Compared to the ones I find in the local store, this is a excellent product for your money
  • An very good and small HDMI switch.

    posted by kimme

    An very good and cheap HDMI switch with an European power plug and an small remote control.
    This version has 3 HDMI ports and is the smallest one of the 2 editions. The largest has 5 ports.
    An very good and cheap HDMI switch, which has an power supply that works here in Norway. Remember to purchase the battery is you wish to use the remote. It's not needed as it has an switch on the frontside that does that.
  • Perfect

    posted by poccari

    Great little device when your TV only has limited HDMI ports. At first I thought you had to power the unit, but it gets its power from the HDMI cable itself. Auto switches, but also has IR port, as well as having a button on the top to cycle through the input channels
    I taught my universal remote the IR codes, so it works perfectly with my system and fully automated.
    dont hesitate, this is cheaper than you'll find other AV stores and works just as well.
  • Great value and works well!

    posted by Flashmeister

    - A great value
    - 5 inputs should be plenty!
    - Intelligent switching (don't really need to use the remote)
    - Nice small/compact remote
    - IR "extender" with long cord allows you to put the switch behind the TV and just the extender in the open.
    - Despite it's small size, it appears to be very solidly built.
    - Harmony Remote appears to have this device listed as a "CE-Link HSW0501S" despite no name-brand appearing on the product (got the model number from DX website), however I have not tested operation with the Harmony remote yet (Intelligent operation is working ok so far!).
    - Be sure to get a short HDMI cable to use between the TV and the output of this switch, otherwise you will be like me with a 6-footer coiled up at the back of the TV!
    - Came with an extra AC adapter (one inside the package and the other loose - perhaps a mistake, but nice to have a backup!).
    I can't think of any reason not to buy it...
    Note that if you don't need 5 inputs, DX also sells a 3-input version (SKU 27520), but it is only a little cheaper (at the time I write this), so why not go for this one with 2 extra inputs (my reasoning anyway)! Hopefully the price for the 3-input model will drop soon to make it more tempting.


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