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polymer battery external

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polymer battery external Customers Reviews

  • Worked great while hiking

    posted by coronasensei

    The power switch is a good thing to ensure no power is wasted when not in use.Good power output on 12V and 5V tested, I haven't used the 9V output.Individual cells inside do have protection circuitry on them so should be safe to run flat etc.
    I opened it up, had three unmarked cells inside so can't confirm capacity.The unit requires the power switch to be on to charge, green light on charger is lit while charging, goes out when finished.I often had the mains charger for this plugged in and on while also charging my phone off usb output, this worked fine however the phone's touchscreen was very glitchy and unstable, so the mains charger for this makes a lot of electrical noise.
    Great unit for the price. I used it to keep camera battery and phone topped up while on a 2 week hike in Nepal and it worked really well.

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