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police blue light

Welcome to our police blue light online shop. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Find more hot gadgets at blue head lights and blue light car. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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police blue light Customers Reviews

  • Incredibly bright and cheap LED-panels!

    posted by Perkeleh

    Really bright (especially the blue one!) LED-panels.3 different flashing-modes: [8 blue THEN 8 red] [1 blue THEN 1 red] [1 blue AND 1 red]Easy to mount using included screws, mounting-braces etc.Controlbox is small and easy to set up inside car
    Abot the waterproof-thing.. Since this product doesn't cost more, it's okey. Just go to the local hardware-store and buy som silicone, glue or something and put between the housing and the transparent plastic.
    Great product at a great price, IF YOU NEED IT.Cool to have just for fun as well, makes new record through rush-hour xDHaven't had any problems with my set at all!So again, if you need a set - go get it!
  • Cool lights!

    posted by TyzzyT

    - fun product- bright lights- easy to mount- not to big(so no one wil see the control panel- the tape you'll get sucks but its with allmost every product like this
    i build them on my car(in my grill between the front lights. its great fun when its dark. they shine very bright. everyone will see you driving.if you build them in your car you should put a fuse between your + and control panel. so if it makes contact anywere your car wont burn to the ground:P
    its a lot of fun. you should watch the police. but its great
  • Good

    posted by hamdogg

    -Pretty cheap
    -Easy to install
    -Very basic to use
    After looking and playing with it, i am going to sell it locally. Really need bigger LEDs/ or more of them. I see a 48 LED set on here that I'll buy.
    If you want a nice little police unit for night time impressing then sure. This is it. But if you want bright and totally impressing then go for a the 48 LED unit on DX.
  • Looks good!

    posted by 6ViX9

    Looks very good.Few different flashing modes (maybe seven. I didn't count them). Theres a small button witch you can change mode or hold it long to shut this off.
    With small improvements this could be very good five-star product. Now I have to give only 3 stars for quality.
    Looks very good.Not perfect desing but does the job.
  • cheap and nice

    posted by omrym88

    pros:- very nice product- good light- can be seen from a distance- small and compact- not hard to assemble and operate- good price for what you get
    well for the price it costs definitely a nice light system for your vehicle.the control box is very small and easy to use, and the flicker patterns are nice.the extension cords are not long enough if you want to connect some lights in the back of your car and keep the control box near the wheel, a little electronic work is need for that.it doesn't look very water resistant so i would not advise to connect it outside.it would be nice to get some vacuum stickers to put the lights on the windows and not have to screw them to the car itself
    Bottom line it is worth every penny you pay for it, very good product at this value.

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