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polarized blue Customers Reviews

  • Sunglasses polarized very cool!

    posted by fedeflp

    Polarized sunglasses with colored reflecting glass.Very cute and comfortable. protect your eyes from the sun.are comfortable using them and their lenses are in perfect condition.
    The sunglasses come with a protective case very useful. and a cloth for cleaning. The case is very sturdy ideal event of falls.
    The sunglasses come in a month. are ideal for summer beach and sunny places. to enjoy them.
  • Excellent (more than expected)

    posted by pablo1981

    Nice design, the case and cleaning cloth are good quality. They are really polarized: when you observe the LCD screen of you TV through polarizing sunglasses, you can see the black screen when you are rotating the sunglasses 90 degrees.
    Great design, very lightweight. I read it improves vision because the polarization eliminates the water reflections on the windshield.
    Highly recommended! It is functional and very cheap, beautiful and effective. The blue color is very beautifu
  • Amazing

    posted by chris888

    Ships in a box so the glasses don't break.
    Comes with a cloth case and a lens cleaning cloth.
    Great build quality and a great price for polarized lenses.
    Very fashionable and easy to use at anytime.
    I needed these glasses for when I go canoeing, and from the looks of it, it seems as though they will do an excellent job.
    If you want great quality glasses, buy these or one of the other polarized sunglasses on DX.
  • looking good

    posted by Koffert

    - sunglasses with nice shiny color, looks great on you! fits on on my head, so it will on your head too.All in all great sunglasses and it works like a charm.Works perfectly against the sunlight
    you just look awesome with them! Surprisingly enough, it works against sunlight!
    you can find cheaper sunglasses on dx, but what the heck... it looks great and you will not regret your purchase!
  • Excellent goggles and very good looking

    posted by patricitop

    Good variety of colours for different kind of weather and brightness of light. UV protection is excellent. The body is flexible so it is resistant to the change of lenses on an ongoing basis. Good accesories and box. You have the option to insert optical glasses if you got some vision difficulties.
    Lenses adjust tight and secured. Optical accesory is easy to release and to place it again.
    I highly recommend this interchangeable lenses by it's quality, price and usefulness.

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