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You can buy cheap polarized 3d glasses from us. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. If you want to find more polarized 3d glasses related products, you can find them by browsing 3d glasses red, 3d glass circularly. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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polarized 3d glasses Customers Reviews

  • Great in RealD cinema

    posted by kudos1uk

    These are great, I go to the cinema twice a week and wanted 3D glasses that work with RealD and are large enough the rims are not distracting.These tick all the boxes
    well worth it and far better than the glasses supplied at the cinema, I will certainly be buying another pair as and when these need replacing.
    well worth it and far better than the glasses supplied at the cinema, I will certainly be buying another pair as and when these need replacing.
  • Awesome product!!!!!

    posted by wiersma

    Good quality material, Works fine in cinema with 3d movie's. I din't try it already at home so i don't not how he works than. It clips easely on you glasses. It fit's perfect. Its very strong. Cheap. Gives a very good 3d experience for glasses wearing people!!!
    Great value for this price. It works very good. I reccomend it to alle other glasses wearing people!!!!
    It's jus awesome. It's works very well for me!! no conss so far!!!
  • Want to watch a 3D?

    posted by NWind

    Good quality build and plastics both. Lens can be changes quite easily (of you find any of that shape). Nice price. Didn't have any opportunity to test them with video unfortunately.
    Polarized 3D movies are quite rare but some pictures come only in that type of 3D so I bought this pair to be able to watch them as those glasses are as difficult to find as rare the movies are. For a low price it is nice to have them stored at home.
    Buy them if you have things to watch with them.
  • Good for price but slight flaw

    posted by fonzitheman

    Good for price.Comes with case,bad and soft wipe cloth.More enlcosed type so more immersive.
    All is good apart from a slight flaw in the lenses.At first I thought they were dirty or smudgy but I wiped and wiped but it didnt help.What wrong? Well the thing is they seem to have a very slight blur on certain spots.If you keep your head still while watching you shouldnt notice it but move around a bit and you will a blue spot,its only small but is noticeable.I bought 2 of these glasses and they both have this issue.My regular cinema issue ones dont have that problem.Other than this I like the more wrap around closed it type which these are.The little lenses on the sides are pointless and so are better just covered up with black tape.
    I think they are worth the price for this type.
  • Fits Perfectly

    posted by Ricao

    *Although be cardboard is very firm.
    *Apesar de ser de papelão é muito firme.
    *Fits perfectly in face.
    *Encaixa-se perfeitamente no rosto.
    *Very cheap compared to standard polarized glasses.
    *Muito barato em relação ao padrão óculos polarizados.
    *Although the specific use, have some of these can be fun.
    Besides the use in movies, with two glasses you can witness the polarization of light, which is quite interesting.
    *Embora o uso específico, tem alguns destes pode ser divertido.
    Além do uso em filmes, com dois copos você pode testemunhar a polarização da luz, que é bastante interessante.
    *Arrived quickly (one month). Remembering that I live across the planet.
    *Chegou rapidamente (um mês). Lembrando que eu moro do outro lado do planeta.

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