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poker playing cards Customers Reviews

  • Amazing product!

    posted by parski

    + Shows great depictions of Mao Zedong, the glorious immortal leader of the people.+ Socialists always win with these cards and the capitalists always lose.
    Since I bought these cards I have formed a workers union and managed to grab the capitalist pigs known as my bosses by the balls. Me and my co-workers have received the same "generous health package" that our so called superiors had in the past.
    You can not go wrong with this deck of cards.Workers unite!
  • Not that luminous, but mostly as expected

    posted by Hrafnahnef

    + black + cool shape+ not your standard generic font or pictograms
    As the item is a gift to a collector of playing card decks, I have not removed the cards from its plastic seal. This means I have only been able to verify the luminance of the top card (the joker). At least the joker is not luminous at all, but I have hopes that the actual playing cards have a better luminance. The product image indicates just that.The fact that the deck is black and have a curved form is a great plus, and if the cards should happen to luminous it will be a great bonus.
    For this price, I am happy, and I am sure the collector will be greatly surprised as this deck is so different from the ordinary european decks.
  • Beautiful Item

    posted by BarefootRat

    Those cards are very beautiful, each image is original, with high artistic value.Each card is it's own piece of art.Made of thick paper, so they are suitable as playing cards and as collectible.
    I really enjoy looking at those cards. They are very unique, I've never seen something like this before.Suitable as a great and unique gift for card collectors or Japanese art fans.
    Beautiful cards. Great as a collectible item for those who like Japanese art and Ukiyu-e.

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