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pocket scale Customers Reviews

  • perfect scale for the price

    posted by so3hn

    -perfect size, almost like a deck of cards.-does exactly what it is suppose to do.-very good priced. main reason i got this with no regrets.
    after it stopped going backwards i put weights on it and found it .05g off. which is barely anything. overall its great product.
    i use it for jewelry since i also bought the magnifying scope to get precise readings.i also use it in the kitchen for dry cup measurements.
  • Best value for the job, but don't expect lab quality

    posted by Siaynoq

    - very cheap compared to the 0.001 precision- didn't calibrate with lab. weights but seems to be 0.001 precise- easy to use- different unit display- comes with calibration weights
    Be careful, if you push the material holder too hard, it can falsify the actual measurement. As with these precision balances, you have to be very careful, they are delicate machines.
    If you're a beginner/amateur chemist or hobbyist, this is the thing which is good to start with.
  • Can be precise. but only after calibration.

    posted by StanTheMan1

    Small. Can measure up to 500g.Can be quite precise: +/-0.06g after calibration.
    Calibration procedure is described on a sticker under top cover with mistakes.It says that you need something with the exact weight of 500g. In fact you'll need 300g and 500g weigths.
    Usefull. Can be quite precise after calibration.
  • broke after a month

    posted by Leith

    The scale works as advertised. It accurately weighs a loonie and a nickle. The touchscreen and backlight are nice.
    I wouldn't recommend this scale to anyone who doesn't know how to use a soldering iron.
    Maybe it's for you. Now that I've fixed it it works just fine.
  • Excellent weight

    posted by mhh96

    - Works perfect- Accurate Measurement- Excellent for weighting 1-200 gram objects - Nice Black leather pouch.- Good LED-display- "Tare" function: which let's you reset the weight to zero after putting an object on the weight.-Overall lot's of PROS!
    Owned it for a couple of months nowI have used the weight multiple times and works perfect every time. Suits my needs for weighting my mineral collection. It shows and three digit weight: Ex: 55.6g or 0.9gAlso a nice and good looking silver-designI have also used it to weight some larger and rough rocks and so far I have not gotten any scratches in the metal weighting plate. Good durabilety in other words
    Excellent Quality for the price. I would reccomend buying it. Cheap, but still good! What more can I say. Go ahead and buy it.

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