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pocket scale Customers Reviews

  • Usefull small digital scale

    posted by FireCrier

    - Inexpensive- Stabil- Batteries last out long time- BacklightIt's small usefull stuff. I use it for measuring non-precise chemicals in my lab. Calibration works great
    Can hold "only" 600g. Be polite - most object you can measure which can be layed on this and still the display can be seen clearly are not over 600g.
    Applicable and useful little digital scale for many purpose.
  • Touch Screen Precision Digital Pocket Scale

    posted by rudeboyinc

    Small and accurate
    I weight a few coins and compared to another 100gr Scae I have both show the same. I like the price :O) for obvious reasons.Also it has a nice blue backlight handy for in the dark ... Its very small and fits nicely into my pocket
    I ll buy another ...
    Touchscreen is very sensitive and the scale is an absolute gew for 15 $
    BUY IT!
  • Nice little scale for precise wieghts and measures

    posted by thebeancounter

    Comes with everything you need including batteries! (the description said batteries not included but hey I'm not complaining.) Easy to operate. Even has a hinged lid you can close on what is being wieghed to get a truly accurate weight as milligram scales can be affected by even a stray breath from the user, not to mention breezes,fans etc.
    The scale this is replacing was purchased almost 10 years ago and cost me 185.00. (and it was the cheapest 1 with this level of accuracy available on Ebay at the time.) This has a much better windscreen than my old one and also a better weigh pan (stainless instead of plastic)
    If you deal in gold, diamonds or are a amateur chemist and work with tiny amounts of various compounds... get this baby.
  • Does the job

    posted by AntsAlati

    Quite solid. However I don't think the hinges will last very long.Full AAA batteries included.Nice blue backlight, but problably it is not that nessessary.Turns itself off after 60 seconds of inactivity.Very nice counting feature.It is very sensitive so You should not even breathe on to it, because of water condensations. Yes, it'll measure it.
    Sample quantities should have 5 and 10 too. 25 is too much for minimum.
    Worth to buy
  • Does not measure Grains

    posted by qooasian

    This scale does what its supposed to do. It measures in grams, ounces, ozt, and dwt.
    I load ammo and everything is measured in grains. I wish this had matched its description.The manual it comes with describes this as being model 500, when the description matches model 100 (the one I needed.)Does not come with a calibration weight, so you might have to buy one seperately.
    It's a good scale for other more common measurements.


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