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  • nice instrument

    posted by kroxer

    multi-functions instrument have many need instrument.liked the instrument itself, and as he lay in his hand. Once I used a similar instrument at the sign and wanted to buy the same
    I would like to have a better quality cover for this tool or a special cap on the part of an ax cutting from solid material
    very useful tool that can be useful not only in campaigns, but also at home for business purposes
  • A perfect tool, saved my life twice already

    posted by Nixxomatic

    A great tool with a variety of "plugins". I bought mine to use in case of emergency on my moped (50ccm motorbike). I've tested it a few times, that chucked it in my moped.
    The tool saved my life two times already: the first time the electricity on my bike died on me at 6'o clock in the morning in the middle of nowhere. On top of everything it was raining. With the use of the toolkit I managed to dismantle everything and repair the bike. The second time I had to replace a rear bulb that died on me in the middle of the night on a high traffic road.
    I was afraid that when unscrewing bolts the handle of the pliars would deform but it didn't. It's made really tough, I was positively surprised by this. And various adapters all stay where they should, they don't fall out or anything.
    The pliers could have a spring on it, but I can do without.
    A truly lifesaving toolkit for me. I originally bought the blue Jeep one from DX (SKU 37394), but when I found and bought this one as this has a larger variety of addons.
    Bottomline: highly recomended.
  • BIG compass

    posted by katanakat

    Solid unit. Points north like it should. All buttons and bubbles (levels are inside the case area to show balance/inclination) work as they should
    This is a solid piece of construction. A little bit on the big side for using as a flat out hiking compass. I read a review for this on a different site where the guy stated he needed to use a small bit of cardboard in the thread hole, in order to get it to mount on a tripod. I don't have a tripod for this, so I can't test it out in that respect.
    This item is going for hundreds of dollars more on other sites, and I'm talking the China-made version, not the actual Brunton geo compass. Fantastic price, good construction. But keep in mind this thing is HUGE compared to a standard lensatic or map reader. Not really meant to be used in place of those, but could probably be done so in a pinch. it points north, which is more than could be said for some of the cheaper compasses sold.
  • Great deal

    posted by GmanNL

    This multitool has handy tools.
    The bit pieces are handy, not very rugged but good enough
    I was pleased with the build quality. The details are good, no rough edges. Color is nice, i can find the tool when it's out of the pocket.
    Price is VERY competeting with L******man, if you need a functional item only this is fine.
    I could also recommend this as an emergency tool for your motorbike (of course, light repairs only).
    For very frequent usage or light weight look for another brand.
    I see this tool as a backup tool or for useage when camping, for that purpose it's perfect.
    Great gift as well.
  • Great little binoculars

    posted by r2d2m2

    Surprisingly good optics, especially at that price. I have another pair of €20 binoculars (also 10x25)and these beat them hands down. The picture is bright and clear all the way from a few meters to a few kilometers (I obsreved ships at the horizon with them from a standing point some 100m above sea level and they performed great)Very light (215g) and comfortable to carry.Easy to operate - my 4 y.o. daughter can use them on her own.
    They have made my other small binoculars obsolete, and I am not going back.
    Very good and inexpensive optical device. Get it!

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