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  • Do you use your old mouse or keyboard? This is your product.

    posted by Anhell

    -It has an attractive price and the quality is good.-It is lightweight and easy to handle.-It works with my mouse and my USB keyboard.
    -If you do not have enough USB ports on your computer you need this product.-If you have trouble getting your computer will recognize the keyboard or mouse into a USB 3.0 port using this adapter.-I bought this adapter to have it as a backup, you never know when you can use.
    Recommended product for its price and its good functionality.
  • It's what you'd expect

    posted by medoc

    - It is and works like you'd expect.
    - It's small and easily portable which is nice because these things are usually unncessarily bulky.
    - It's cheap. If you go to other stores, a little thing like this can run you up to $20.
    Remember that your device must support the current in another country before using this. It's an adapter, NOT a transformer.
    It works and is cheap. Good purchase.
  • perfect little convertor

    posted by gbdemelo

    really cheap, I can not imaginge finding an adapter like this for a lower price anywhere within germany. Here you even get the adapter with shipping included for less than 1$ - absolutely unbeatable!
    Very useful, when you wat to use US plug in EU. For all usb chargers, and many electronic gadgets.
    Buy them with confidence, and take advantage of the discounted price for 5 or more.Real useful for Brazil standart plugs

    posted by mattman1100

    this is an extremely versatile product.
    1) great for using AV 5.25mm plug headphones in MP3 players and computers.
    2) great for connecting guitars, keyboards, electronic drums etc to computer.
    3) for this price even if you haven't found a use yet, buy one (or 2) and keep it around, your sure to use it eventually.
    Buy more then one!!
    this is a must have product with a great build quality and its cheap.
  • Excelent product, fulfills what it promises

    posted by guibranco2010

    It is very easy to handle, super easy to install and works perfectly. All it took was unpacking, desemcapar wires and a small screwdriver and ready, everything was already running without any problem, without any noise. The connectors and screws are quite resistant so the wire is not leaking, even with moving the cable and connector being constant.
    The price is fair, the product works as promised and is easy to handle
    Before you buy, you'll need a small screwdriver, here on DX sells if you need!

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