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plug power charger Customers Reviews

  • Very good charger.

    posted by RODXWEB

    Charger very well built. Bivolt. It's not quite the same as the original, but tensions are good and stable. It comes with a female USB connector, so you can use any USB cable from the TF101. He is more Faci lde handle than the original.
    I found it very interesting that come with a female USB connector, for cables TF101 are very fragile in connector that is connected to the tablet. So that way you can use any USB cable.
    Good charger, a bit expensive, but serves well. it is always helpful to have a charger reservation, because here in Brazil is not easy to find accessories for the TF101.
  • Good quality for price

    posted by Laurensho

    Charges your phone/tablet well, charges like a normal charger. Cable is quite long, so you can put your phone a fair amount away from the outlet. You can use it as your primary charger, or like me: As a secondairy charger/travel charger.
    Great product for the price, I really recommend it. If you don't use your phone while it is charging, or you don't mind unplugging it, this is the product for you!
  • Great thing for travelers

    posted by dacha111

    - Very useful - can save you a lot of money, space and hassle concerning the different adapters- It solves a problem of basically ALL (seriously, all) combinations of plugs that exist in the world.- Very compact (connectors are retracted inside when not used, thus making it small in size)- Very lightweight (it will not add almost any excess weight to your luggage when you travel)- Very intuitive and easy to use (just turn the ring until you see a connector that suits your needs, as simple as that)- Some of the devices of this kind (with multiple adapters in one) can have bad wiring inside the box, so it can make some short circuits or something, but this one has no problem at all - tested with many devices- Good quality- Cheap
    If you were looking for an adapter that could solve all the problems with adapters in foreign countries, this is it. This device has all of these in one small, lightweight, compact package.
    Very useful product for travelers. It will solve your problems with adapters no matter where you live and where you go, for good.
  • It works perfectly

    posted by caferolina

    - It does what it is supposed to do, charge the DS- The cable is longer then the original one that came with my ds lite, so for me that a pro, since the wall sockets in my place are near the ground, and I can keep it charging on my desk, not on the floor- It looks resistant, until now didn't have any problem- The cable doesn't look cheap and it looks like it will last long
    Really useful, even if your original charger is working and isn't lost, that's nice to have a spare one, and this one is cheap and works fine
    Well, buy it, even if you still have your original charger, it's worth it.
  • Use it on acer iconia A200

    posted by kmirosla

    Stars in my rewiew say it all!My original charger had burned in due to short circut when dog bit trough power cord. This one is lighter, smaler and has long cord. I wanted original part, but it would cost me about 50USD.
    In description it does not say that it is suitable for A200. That is the reason I consitered buying original one even though on internet, all chargers that sre declared to be for A 500, suit for A200 also, and electrical declaration on this one, corresponds to original one. I am using it every day for more than a week now, and seems that I made correct decision
    Iconia A200 owners - you can buy this.

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