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Check out the great plug male to female to see if there is any that suits you. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Try browsing male to female jack, female to male splitter. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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plug male to female Customers Reviews

  • Good connector with wire

    posted by vmendelis

    Not much to say here a good connector.Bought it for my airsoft rifle battery connections as it was stated that the battery I was buying SKU 24222 did not have connector. I later found out that they actually do so these were not needed. Will use them in future projects though.
    A good electronic connector for your weekend projects . Nothing special about it but the connection is solid and should provide good contact .
  • Good adaptor

    posted by esquizo

    Great adaptor and good quality. It's small compared to other adaptors I have. It works very well with all my earphones.
    I can use my earphones with my hifi equipment.
    I would recommend this product. You can never have too many of these things.
  • Great convertor plug

    posted by prgrss

    - First of all, it is pretty cheap - could be cheaper, but it still is cheap.
    - Secondly, the quality is great
    - Third, it makes the job done, you can use it in various situations.. e.g. connecting mp3-player to stereos, or laptop to stereos or where ever it is needed.
    Useful convertor for multiple purposes.
    I use a lot of audio devices so it is good to have a convertor for every situation. I might even buy second one some day.
    If you need this kind of item, just buy it. :)
  • Small plug for big currents

    posted by jesusjd

    -Good quality. -Can support high currents.-It doesn't unplug easily.-You can't plug it reverse (ideal for those with a tendency to plug upside down the power supply, just like me ;-))
    As i said in cons, it is hard to plug and unplug for the first times, but eventually it gets into shape and plugs and unplugs perfectly
    Maybe a lower price, or more quantity per packet could make this item more attractive. Besides that, it's great for connecting small power equipments, like electric screwdrivers, RC batteries and/or chargers, etc.
  • good Product

    posted by AlbyDNC

    Good quality, very helpful with 200w fluorescent compact lights that have e40 bulb plug.the construction is good and is resistant.I recommend this product to everyone has my same problem.
    really helpful with video continuous lights and studio photography.I enjoy using this product that make my work easier
    I recommend to buy this product, because of its usefulness. It can also be used by growers in greenhouses to adapt fluorescent compact bulbs to e27 plugs.

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