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plug adapter battery Customers Reviews

  • Handy and very usefull thing

    posted by Festin

    It's very usefull to have two batteries and charge it simultaneously, while android phones very greedy.This gadget can charge your phone by USB while you charge second battery.
    Full second battery can be very usefull while you are walking the place without electric sockets. It would been better if it have ability to charge from USB. But it's cool enougth without it.
    Good gadget for nice price.
  • Works great but battery capacity a lil weak

    posted by addinmint

    Cheap. Able to charge battery and phone at the same time (via USB output).
    Cheap enough to bring it as a spare, instead of lugging a bigger-sized portable charger unit.
    Get it if you need an external battery charger + cheap backup battery. Don't expect it to match ur original Samsung S2 battery... probably equivalent to 2/3 capacity?
  • Good quality, needs to be prepared - read cons

    posted by toledun

    + good holding time (like original)
    + good for festivals or trips
    + about 2 hours to full charge with adapter
    + charger has information diod (blue for charged battery, red for charging battery)
    1 minute of surgery intervention for using in Wildfire
    I can't provide nformation abou other phones.
    Worth it
  • good battery charger for spare phone battery

    posted by remyh

    Does what it sais, charges your phone battery out of handy. You don't have to ceep your phone wired, just swap batterys and leave the empty one in charger. Also it is better for the battery, becouse it will alvays be charged all the way to the maximum. Keeping a spare fulll battery gives you the possiblity to keep using your phone when one battey is empty without having to look for a 230V current source. It has a good color indication led for charging and full
    It came with a battry, this was a pleasant extra, since it was not mentioned in the description, or I overlooked it
    A good thing to have such an extra charger. This way you can always use your cellphone even when your battery is empty and there is no charging possibilities available
  • Fast charger with individual channels

    posted by wsdfghseh

    Very fast charger at 1000mA. Great to have 4 individual channels all charging at 1000mA. Only owned for a short time so not sure of long lasting quality, but it appears to be built solid. Nice that it can be used in the car, and has informative indicators. It appears that v3 of this product appears to be a big improvement over previous ones. Here's hoping for no fires! Charged 12 brand new 1000mAh ultrafire BRC "3600mAh" batteries so far with charging times and reliability both good. Doesn't seem to produce much heat considering that it is pumping 4A into the batteries.
    I don't have the equipment to test cut-off (and not trickle) at 4.2V but I'm guessing that isn't an issue with this new version (v3).
    Good value charger if you value the high speed charging. A little more pricey than other chargers but I think it's well worth the money if long term reliability is maintained.

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