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  • Protect your console.

    posted by Phillipows

    It fits perfectly on the 2DS. Protects the back of your system against scratches of daily use. Has a good grip. All buttons and connections are exposed for better convenience. Came in a box and with a plastic covering the case, avoiding damage in transport. It's really crystal clear case!
    Would be nice if there was a front cover too, but this was the best I could find.
    It's a good product, good build quality and good price. You definitely should buy it.
  • Very good case

    posted by sescobarp_pe

    The price is excelent. The material is well enough (soft, but very resistent), the stand is very usefull and does it's job, transparent is just what I was looking for and this one has even a very good transparent design that display your beautifull iPhone but with some extra art that just looks good.
    Very good case. I would buy a couple, since it will get scratched with heavy use (mine lasted about 6-8 months, with regular use, till I had to replace it), but for that price, I would buy 2 or 3, anyway.
    Recomended. But be aware of its lifespan (6-8 months) and its not-that-firm stand. there are alternative cases with much better stands, but they are often hard cases, which break on the first floor dive. I will thake this one instead anytime.
  • Fits perfectly, great protection

    posted by MaximusT

    I love that the iPad Air is so thin and light, and I got the snap on Apple screen cover just so I can pull it off to play games, or to walk around with the iPad naked.But after putting it down on it's back sometimes i wandered if it would get scratched?Or the camera lens might get damaged.This cover perfectly clips on the back, and lets you attach or detach the Smart Cover at will.It adds about 1 mm of thickness, and hardly any weight.
    It is quite smooth, so I think for holding it a long time a rougher cover would be better.But this is about the best shiny cover I can imagine putting on my iPad Air.
    If you like to use protection, then this is for you.
  • Good for DIY or just storage.

    posted by bosoko

    - Compact storage box for 9V batteries. - In addition, fits 2 AA batteries if you want (they won't even rattle inside). - Looks sturdy and should be able to handle plenty of use. - Also, transparent, so you can see what's inside. - You could probably stick a plug inside it and drill a hole for the wire so the box acts as a battery compartment for some DIY project. But that's only for the 9V battery, the AA's are pretty tightly packed so you could only fit some aluminum foil in there or something.
    Pretty nice.
    Convenient thing.
  • Perfect

    posted by bichilupa

    It is perfect for the iPhone 5, not only fits perfectly but also protects you adequately. Place is very easy and very hard falls, the value for money is the best I've seen, transparency of the cover is really good, my little apple is well protected with this case. Easy on, easy off, looking great, good finish and nice buttons. Protects perfectly the new iPhone 5. All the buttons and ports stay accessible, no problem connectiong the headphone or the lightning cable.
    a chamois to clean it would be nice
    I like so much, is perfect for the iPhone 5, I highly recommend this purchase to any owner of the iPhone 5, this money will not find any product that fits your needs

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