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plastic resin Customers Reviews

  • They could be cheaper

    posted by fedenotdead

    * They look very good.* They are trendy now.* The bamboo on the sides is very original and light.* They do reduce the radiation.
    They look very nice and they are pretty cheap.It you want eyeglasses just to wear for a while during the day and look good, buy them.It you are looking for eyeglasses to wear all day long, I do not recommend them.
  • Fun glasses

    posted by Rick87

    - Very cheap.
    - Can see all sorts of 3d movies just on youre pc.
    - Build quality is ok.
    - Very funny for not much money.
    - Nice 3d glasses for seeing movies off youre pc. Can see movies on youtube, you can also download movies in 3d. It is not for the new 3d movies on television.
    - Overall very nice product for nt much money. It does what it supposed to do, but don't look all day trough the glasses ^^.
  • Fashion Glasses

    posted by Creazn

    - Handy to use- it's very Cheap- fit really well- comfortable- durable- comes in a nice leather cast that looks similar to the real cases- very stylish- overall usefull for winter and summer- It was delivered within two weeks after packaging to Europe...so talkin about fast
    I recommend this for people buying it as a present for their friends. It looks good on everyone with a egglike face, if your face is a little chubby get the round ones :P
    Buy it as a gift or for fun use! Go ahead and buy them! You can't beat the price and quality.
  • Great sunglass

    posted by overkillx

    I was looking for a sunglass that match well on my face and had an acceptable quality for a fair price. I really liked the design of this sunglasses and the price was cheap, so I decided to buy. I do not regret, because the sunglasses came in a solid package and really has a good build quality.I'm thinking about buying a new one.
    The package is very solid and came with a good flannel to clean it.
    Highly recommended. You should buy one too :)
  • They are a simple pair of protective glasses. Do what they're supposed to.

    posted by bttf007

    They are a simple pair of protective glasses. Do what they're supposed to.
    The build is cheap, but it's not a big con since it's usage is very simple.
    It's a decent piece.If you can't find them where you live or the ones you find are too expensive, these are for you.

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