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These cool plastic reflector are high quality and at affordable prices. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.

plastic reflector Customers Reviews

  • JR-82mm 20~300W Electroplate Plastic Reflector

    posted by brinkman

    JR-82mm 20~300W Electroplate Plastic Reflector
    JR-82mm 20~300W Electroplate Plastic Reflector. I suppose for other customers, it´s great for repairing headlamp for my car.
    I suppose for other customers, because it has a good quality and bright usefully. Compatible for LED spot light, flashlight
  • It worth the price

    posted by gabomarques

    It is made with a sturdy plastic and very reflective electroplating. The shape seems perfectly parabolic, as the focus of my home made cree flashlight is a small circle even pointing at a wall 50m far. The informed dimensions are very precise.
    I have no idea about how long it will take to oxidize - the metal plating (silver I suppose) is exposed to air. But so far so good.
    I got what I expected, for a good price.
  • Good products with bad packaging.

    posted by Decimator

    Very good quality of manufactoring. The surface of reflector are ideally, perfect form. very easy to use. Match to big LED about 20-30W.
    It's a pity that one is broken. In this case I don't know how to resolve it.
    In general it is very good item. The price may be lower, but it is not essentially.
  • Nice quality optice for CREE LED

    posted by ben1680

    Good quality plastic optics for Cree. IT has good tolerance as well, the Cree nicely lock into this optics.
    It will be good if DX can supply matching heatsink for this reflector to be used as upgrade replacement for other famous flashlight manufacturer as a upgrade module.
    This is good quality optics for original CREE XRE. Price can be lower, but the price is currently not bad. The beam are pretty narrow, with enough side spill.
    It will be even better if they can come up with optics for 5 Cree on the same or a bit bigger size platform, it will be perfect and should create 1000 lumens brightness monster if you pair it with CREE Q5 driven at 1Amp available from DX.
    Currently it should easily produce nice beam with over 800 lumens of light if you pair it with Q5 and driving it at 1Amp.
  • A good item

    posted by dryncho

    This reflector will not go beyond expectations but still it provides reasonable light focusing when your emitter can't keep from shedding light all around - the illuminated area remains satisfactory within the reflector's cone of about 90 degrees (check uploaded image sample).Since it's plastic it could be easily grinded if you need a few more mm in the hole - I used a sharp blade to cut few tiny pieces to make it fit.
    The price is a bit high for this kind of product but not a great problem as you'd rarely need one of these. And apparently for this same reason if you happen to need many, DX will get you a good discount.
    It's as good as you'd expect from a coated plastic reflector.

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