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plastic pill box Customers Reviews

  • Cool boxes

    posted by munchern

    Nice and tight lids, can be detatched from eachother and put into smaller groups of boxes or one long row of boxes if you order multiple like I did.Can be used for storing DIY parts, small nuts, bolts screws.I use them for gemstones and jewelry parts at my job as a goldsmith.
    Nice that the lids are transparent, they also close real good with a "click" and stay closed even if you drop the boxes on the floor.
    Good product for a good price!
  • the best product for its' purpose

    posted by rMaNe

    cuts pills exactly and equaly - even the bigger ones, and those without cutting mark.easy to use and operate, smart design...
    nothing i can think of. should be marketed to every pharmacy...wondering why in my health service institute they still sell pill crasher, while its not recommanded to do that...
    the most useful part i could buy, works greathonestly recommand using this product - a must have if you are chronic patient like me...
  • Good an useful item!!

    posted by MatejV

    This item is very good made it has large and clear writings on on it. It is made of good plastics. It is also good that the day markings are market with diffident transparent colours (morning(blue) noon(pink) evening(yellow) ). It is also transparent from bottom with no colour so that it is possible to see the colour of the pill.
    Its is a great thing for older people who can't remember when to take medicine or if they already had taken it, or people who need to organized their pills.
    All in all it is a good item.
  • comfortable

    posted by lucac

    Useful to carry in your bag,very spacious. Very easily to use for medicine and what you want.different compartments. Lightweight and durable. Nice button on the top: when You press it spin to next day compartment. All the compartments are very largs and may contain many pills.
    Nice colors.Build quality seems very good.It is a good buy for your travels.
    Good product. The seven compartments make it Very useful for all day. the right size;not too great, not Too small.
  • Great item !!

    posted by MatejV

    Great item for people who need just once a day to take thear medicine every day. It has a great writing on it for the day of the week, and it also had it written in Braille (writing system used by the blind) next to it. It is small and potable and it doesn't open easy while in a bag.
    Its good for people who need to organized their pills it make it easy to take every day.
    For me it is a great item for pill organization and every day use.


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