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plastic pill box

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plastic pill box Customers Reviews

  • Nice pill sorter

    posted by superorgasm

    Great product, large compartments that can fill multiple pills at once. easy to open. The days are written clearly so I can tell which date and the rows are also color coordinated. Very nicely constructed and will last for a long time.
    Large but not meant for travelling rather storing at home.
    I would recommend this product. Its a quality item for the price and does its job well. The slots are big enough that you do not need tweezers for the pills but I still prefer using tweezers.
  • Nice but big

    posted by amendocrem

    This is the third pill cutter I have, unfortunatly, sometimes old SKU do not come back, the previous one I have were smaller, but this will do the trick. If you have to cut a pill and store it this thing will help youJá utilizo cortadores de pilulas há algum tempo, este é o terceiro, os outros que eu tenho são menores, aqui no Brasil, o mais barato que eu achei foi R$10 na farmacia e parecia bem fragil e também era grande. De qualquer forma esse produto faz o que tem que ser feito
    if you need buy it, or if you need a smaller, wait until other skus appear
  • Forget no more..

    posted by Yakousei

    Well I'd forget my head to the toilet if it weren't bolted to my shoulders. So this pill case is just great.I used to forget my daily med's but not anymore. The system has 7 slots - so enough for one week. No need for labeling or anything else due to the great wheel-of-fortune roll mechanism.
    I wish they would switch the pole that keeps the lid in place to a watch type spring rod or just a plain metal.
    All in all great system.. Need to get myself another as the old one is messed up now.
  • Best convenient tool for daily medicine

    posted by AlphaOmega2k

    An excellent thing at all. It can be used for a big variety of ways. For example, it is the best choice for storing your medicine (pills) for daily use. You can either use one box for one day or one box for one type of pills. It can be used anywhere - at home, at car. These boxes build is solid, plastic is glossy and nice to touch. Connected to each other good. Can be used separately or grouped. Looks nice. Can also be used for DIY components or other small stuff.
    Perfect combination of looks / price / convenients ;)
    I recommend it. As for myself, I bought this once and then another one ;)
  • Great item !!

    posted by MatejV

    Great item for people who need just once a day to take thear medicine every day. It has a great writing on it for the day of the week, and it also had it written in Braille (writing system used by the blind) next to it. It is small and potable and it doesn't open easy while in a bag.
    Its good for people who need to organized their pills it make it easy to take every day.
    For me it is a great item for pill organization and every day use.

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