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plastic pieces Customers Reviews

  • Very cute, decorative tape

    posted by Winchester67

    Really cute and useful, and very cheap as a bonus. You get a lot of different motives.
    I love these because there's a lot of different patterns and motives, and can be used as regular tape, in presents, or in scrapbooks to make it more fun.
    If you can live with the size and the fact that you can't decide the patterns, they're definitely a lot of fun and really, really cheap. I'll definitely buy again when I run out! (:
  • Nice and cheap

    posted by martinengervik

    CheapPlastic and therefor lasting. Very few got broken after using the same peg for a while. You are more likely to loose them then brake them.Grabs hold of the ball well.
    Got mine in pink but I tell everyone its for Bubba Watson :D Think I would have picked a different color if I had the chance.
    Cheap but good pegs that does the work. Nothing different from these and more expensive ones you buy in the proshops.
  • Good price, secure and easy to use

    posted by emolfi2

    Shinny hard plastic body with a strong flat brass hook of 3.5mm travel and 1.5mm grab clearance. Strong spring with the right force. The tip has a matching hole to secure the hook and get a firm attachment on the wire/pin under test.All clips are of the same colour but you have a lot of different packs to choose.
    Quick to dissasemble and solder. Worth making a bunch of flying wires with these clips at the ends to use as connection wires while testing circuits.
    Easy to use on wires, pins and dip chips. Clear tape sticks well to the caps if you want to label them.
  • Great for in-circuit SMD IC testing

    posted by jirmik

    Easy to handle, good connection (holds really firmly), no risk of shorting adjacent pins (the hook consists of two tiny flat metal parts which get attached to opposite sides of the pin - nothing sticks out). Plastic didn't melt when I soldered a wire to the clip. 20 pieces should be enough for a long time.
    Would be nice if each package contains different colors. :)
    Even three 1.27 pitch SOIC IC pins in a row can be grabbed with there hooks - you just need to cut a bit of plastic at both sides of the tip to make it flat.
  • Perfect replacment analog caps!

    posted by justinmillerdx

    It was quick and easy to install these (there are great videos on YouTube showing how), and they perfectly replaced the analog sticks on my controllers. We play XBox about once a week, and so far these have held up pretty nicely (3 months).
    For the super low cost, these are a great deal. I spent about 10 minutes to replace these on two controllers; if these wear out/break in a few months, it will be well worth the tiny investment.
    If you need new analog sticks or the coating on yours are worn out, get these!


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