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plastic led reflectors Customers Reviews

  • Medium quality product.

    posted by isomax

    Simple to make a power led flashlight or else project with this, better than loose reflectors. Wide angle, i can not to precise a measure, but for the project i used it, is perfect (a bike headlight)
    With the exception of the must to make slots for led legs, fits perfect to SSC mechanicaly compatible leds.
    There are better quality products in the market, and sure DX has better quality collimators but they are more expensive, and, hey! DX includes the shipping in the pricing!
  • Best or rgb leds

    posted by Textill

    Perfectly fitt to PAR16, good effinency for this price
    fitts for ssc, luxeon, and similar housing leds
    Best price
  • It seems fine

    posted by Guittone

    This optics suits my needs all right. I just used it for a bicycle headlamp, and the beam satisfies me.Then I’m no expert, so I can’t tell about its diffraction, colour rendering, and whatever advanced stuff. Also I don’t really care for the use I make of it.
    A little more documentation would have been nice.
    If you need it, get it.
  • Great quality optics for Cree XR-E

    posted by Thyra

    Quality acrylic glass TIR optics (collimator), precision-molded,nicely locks onto Cree XR-E (sku2394)If carefully aligned, these perform equally well on the LUXEON Rebels !
    Beam is narrow, I judge a bit less than 10 deg, but not as narrow as sku3257.
    There's a few artifacts, a halo and a little color-uneveness for a single system, but this is little. When using all 4 systems together, these effects average out and the beam is quite nice with well-weighted spill.
    Mechanical depth is just 11mm (not including guidepins).
    When using these optics be sure to lock the Crees fully down, to achieve the tightest possible beam.

    I have evaluated various optics from different sources with the intention to use them in my bike light. This is the winner.
    If you need narrow-beam quad optics for Cree, you won't regret getting this.
  • Is this a great lense or what?

    posted by Peterlm

    I have waited for the availability of this type of lense for a long time! The rough suraced diffuser style lense is perfect for house, room and table lighting.
    Get this lense if you plan to light up your work table or even a corner of the room!

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