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You'll find the best plastic hook clips for you here. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.

plastic hook clips Customers Reviews

  • Very usefull probes

    posted by matvs1

    Today I received these probes that can be used for Multimeter or Oscilloscope. They have send directly to my post box because the parcel is too small I did not go to the Post office.The parcel has 20 items.You can easy mount these probes to almost any element on the board.These Clip Probes easy clip even to SMD Capacitor.
    We can not connect these probes to the small SMD chip but they are sufficient, to use with small other components such as capacitors, resistors and other.
    I recommend buying this because these probes will help with your work.
  • Great for in-circuit SMD IC testing

    posted by jirmik

    Easy to handle, good connection (holds really firmly), no risk of shorting adjacent pins (the hook consists of two tiny flat metal parts which get attached to opposite sides of the pin - nothing sticks out). Plastic didn't melt when I soldered a wire to the clip. 20 pieces should be enough for a long time.
    Would be nice if each package contains different colors. :)
    Even three 1.27 pitch SOIC IC pins in a row can be grabbed with there hooks - you just need to cut a bit of plastic at both sides of the tip to make it flat.
  • Cheap connection tips

    posted by JuanAlv

    They are very cheap and allow very secure connections in very small terminals that otherwise could short circuit or make impossible their connection with other parts of the circuit impidiento adequate analysis.
    Their relationship quality - price is excellent.
    They are essential in any laboratory to make connections clean and effective.
  • For professional only

    posted by omaki

    These hooks are for electronic technician use. Sometimes when you need to meansure some electronic device, it seems that you need an extra hand or two. Now you can plug the multimeter tip at the bottom of the hook and use it to clip leads or wires. Much more easy. The hook is retractable, so it's much more safe than 'alligators' clips. It is very cheap and comes with 20 pieces. You can spare a lot.Só para quem entende de eletrônica. Serve para clipar fios e terminais. No fundo do ganho tem um furo para plugar a ponta do multímetro. Quando trabalhamos com eletrôncia, para usar o multímetro algumas vezes parece que falta uma mão ou duas. Com estes ganchos fica mais fácil.
    Don't try to use it at voltages higher than 24volts. Not for use in electrical installation, only for electronics. Insulation is very thin.Não use em outra coisa que não eletrônica. Não serve para instalações elétricas. O isolamento é fino.
    If you are an electronic technician, buy it. It's a must have and it's very cheap. Se você é técnico em eletrôncia, compre. É útil e muito barato.
  • Great little test hooks

    posted by druck540

    Very good quality test hooks.The solder tab for the wire is one solid brass piece that is also the hook. So there is no chance of poor contact in the mechanics. Or something coming loose with time and use.Very nice feel to the spring. Will hold on very nicely to whatever you hook it.
    I like these. Very small and light. It will not put any mechanical stress on the things that you connect it to.42.5mm overall length.
    I recommend getting these if you need to make a lot of measurements on a lot of small delicate things.Or perhaps a universal balance charger connector.


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