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plastic guitar picks

You can find fashionable plastic guitar picks at a low price. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

plastic guitar picks Customers Reviews

  • Nice Price

    posted by Xinon

    Excellent quality for the price. The relation quantity / price is very convenient. Great product. Variety of colors, and variety in the size of the picks, allowing use according to our needs.
    the pick would be great to have had designs, not just the logo. But for the price, you can not wait that long
    If you play guitar or bass for little money can have a lot of picks at an excellent price.
  • Good for the price

    posted by zimmer09

    -It is cheap.-It works.-It looks durable, even though I do not own them for enough time to make this statement.
    I prefer better finished picks. These picks are not as good as I expected, but they are definitely good picks for what they cost.
    Buy it if you want cheap picks! They are good for the money.
  • Alice Plastic Guitar Picks

    posted by FMHeavyJam

    Great quality picks, triangle shaped. Basically you have 3 picks in one, because of 3 triangle edges/sides!!! Great for strumming and picking!!! :)
    Great picks if you want to try something new! :)
  • Amazing value for money!

    posted by AusR34P3R

    - The quality of these picks is fantastic.
    - They feel strong, yet flexible enough to fit comfortably on your fingers.
    - Price can't be beat, can cost 2-3x as much locally
    - Come in a handy blister pack to store them in if you don't have a case
    - Postage took a while, but if you want instant buy locally, otherwise don't complain.
    - Makes a lot of tricky classical guitar song possible
    - These are strong, cheap, comfortable and do their job.
    If you want finger picks, BUY THEM!
  • Just what I spected.

    posted by Vauldon

    - Those picks are very very cheap, here in Spain at least, this type of picks are worth three or four times more.- They are hard enought to play the bass hard, obtaining a metalic sound.- They are very confortable, at least to me (I have very long and slim fingers).
    If you think you can use these to play the guittar, try first to play it with a slim coin. If you broke the strings, you cant play the guittar with these picks.
    I would reccomend them for most bass players, they seem good, are very cheap, and confortable.

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