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  • cheap doggybags

    posted by sf15525

    * Came in separate packages so you don't need to open them all at once.
    * Standard plastic gloves.
    * Same gloves as in the gasstation.
    * Thin but pretty strong gloves.
    * Can be used for all purposes.
    * Good for right handed and left handed people.
    * Easy disposable.
    These are your normal kind of plastic gloves. You can use them only once but since they're so cheap and they're packed with lots at once you can't find that a negative thing.
    I lay them in the car since the don't seem to have them at every gasstation over here.
    Very good price for pretty standard plastic gloves! You can use them for anything you want!
    Lot cheaper then in the store!
  • All-around multi-purpose gloves

    posted by blueiced789

    Great all-purpose gloves. You can use them for almost every household need.
    I've used them with different kinds of paints and solvents.
    They seem chemically resistant.
    You can definitely feel the objects you hold with your hands. Not like some thick gloves that feel awkward when you carry objects around.
    Used them while refilling my printer and during easter (for easter egg coloring).
    The material is OK - feels strong and it doesn't tear with ease.
    Get them! :)

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