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  • Quite good

    posted by rjwvdk

    I'm quite satisfied with the purchase of these glasses. They work well, but I mainly like the nerdy look they have. The only with you need to add is a little band-aid in the middle, all your ready to go!I only used the frame and I dicarded the polarizing filter and modded them with some other filters. But I tested them out and they worked quite alright.
    Why not buy them? Just for the fun of it! :P.(like most of the products on deal extreme).
  • funny

    posted by uomonero

    are cheap.
    good design.
    Large lenses with a good field of view.
    resistant material, well built rods do not move even after several uses.
    excellent visualization of 3D images
    good buy for fun or games to look at photos on the iPhone or laptop, the price and 'good, no major problems, they will buy other
  • used for belay glasses, modified

    posted by teatino

    plastic, easy to cut and gluegood view in the prismyou can get a belay glasses (110$ for 11$)
    i cut the support of the prism and glue it to upside and convert it in a pair of belay glasses for 10% of the pricebuy more than one, the first you will broke sure!!
    cheap belay glasses if you can modify it!!can buy more than three and make cheap belay glasses for your climber friends
  • Decent

    posted by jgguerreiro

    Its a Pinhole, not much to say... Not really an atomic reactor, so the chances to go wrong are near zero.Plus it looks stylish =]And comes with a really nice carrier.My myopia is only 0.5, so i want to give it a try. Its supposed to help your retina to relax and focus by itself.
    I wish it was cheaper, but ok...
    If you do believe, or want to give a try buy it. There are stuff about how to exercise with pinholes all over the internet.
  • Worth every penny

    posted by Nitrohoroz

    Nice build quality. Has a nice sunglass look and makes every body believe it. Good picture quality & very loud sound quality.Tested it on :- android smartphone, - Playstation 3, - Wii - dvd player. Best picture quality was on the playstation & dvd player since machines have the best picture quality. Battery provides enough power for 2 movie's approximately 4 hours operating time. Comes with all nessary calbles and nice thick glass cover which fitts all accesoiries.
    If you are looking for entertainment while traveling this is perfect screen.If you are looking for a screen to play video games I would suggest a bigger screen size like 72" or 80".
    Well worth spend money for received quality. nice solid quality to use portable while sitting in long bus , train , plain trips.

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