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plastic food Customers Reviews

  • Make eggs be fun again! (?)

    posted by zimmund

    It's fantastic. Who wants odd egg shaped eggs? with this molds you can transform an ordinary egg into an amazing car/fish shaped egg. IT WORKS. And it's fun, don't matter your age. Both childeren and adults will like it.
    HOW TO USE IT: it's easy! Put an egg in water. Heat it till the water starts boiliing (bubbles and movement in the water). Turn off the heat (so the yolk doesn't turn greyish yellow -this isn't important anyway-) and wait 8 minutes (so the egg can turn into a boiled egg!). Meanwhile fill a bowl with cold water. Remove the egg carefully, break the shell (be careful, don't get burned!) and put the boiled egg into the mold. You'll be surprised by how easy it fits (it's like the mold sucks it into place!). Close and secure the lid, and submerge the mold in the bowl. Wait ~10 minutes and presto! You got your beautiful molded eggs. SO WORTH IT.
    Get this. It's fun :D
  • Nice!

    posted by VSByte

    Works good! Better then I expected! Looks really nice and cute. I though you had to eat cold eggs if you use these, but that is not the case: you can get them out of the mold when they're a little warm.
    Great for bento boxes or just a nice decoration for breakfast or lunch!
    If you like eggs, get these. They're really fun!
  • Cool Blender for a Smooth drink

    posted by LydKch

    This is a dream blender! Effectively blends powder drinks even when I was using cold water. With a couple of shakes within a minute I have a smooth drink with no residue of powder at the bottom of the bottle after drinking. Easy to close lid and no spills at all. Do check out my pictures.
    I have been searching for something like this for ages and was even contemplating buying a cocktail shaker to blend my powder drinks which is not the right solution.
    Good quality plastic and stainless steel ball, you will never regret this purchase.

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