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plastic bullet Customers Reviews

  • Well built bullets.

    posted by dditaita

    Amazing bullets packed in a very nice package.I used them on my Marui Glock 18c Electric and I really appreciated that they can be thrown at 40 meters with a nice trajectory.I hit 5 on 6 times a 1.5 Litres water bottle 20 meters far away from me.
    Nice product and very cheap comparable to other plastic bullets sold in stores.I was afraid that the colour could vanish before a certain period of time but it's not as I thought.Because of this You can re-use them...naturally If You can find them.
    Check the photos I uploaded to understand better my comments. Anyway...Thank DX for this amazing product.
  • Well-made and cheap

    posted by KunLin

    Case allows for easy BB loading into magazine. The BBs themselves are good quality no sloppy paint jobs like some of the other BBs they have here. All the right size too, no half broken ones or anything of that sort.
    Sometimes it is hard to see them fly through the air and depending on what surface you're shooting on they could be hard to find (if you want to collect and save as many as possible).
    Since it's just plastic, you don't have to pay for paint. Some of the other colors are painted so they are a bit more expensive. there's also a chance that the painted ones use paint with lead which isn't exactly something to look for.
    Way cheaper than buying locally, good buy.
  • Many

    posted by lucasgzeoti

    This 2000-pack of 6mm BB Black Plastic Bullets is so good because there are many of them and it takes too long to end delay. This recipient is great cause you get one bullet at time.
    It's important to buy this pack because if you buy the bb gun only, there are just like 15 bullets and they are easy to miss cause they bounce quickly.
    Many bullets
  • Good price but you could buy from somewhere else

    posted by nsc

    Awesome carrying case, pocket sized, can hang off a belt.
    A quick look at stores near me and I can get 13500 BBs for $35 which is a much better price than here. Also I can get 21000 biodegradeable BBs which is good because you don't have to pick them up :)
    Definitely worth it if you order a gun from DX (so you get bullets when it arrives) otherwise just go to a store near you. If you don't have a store close then definitely buy.
  • They look nice

    posted by richmac74

    ...6mm BB Gold Plastic Bullets (2000-Pack)Review...
    Thess bb's are cool because they appear to look like metal bb's.
    Appear to be better quality than the white bb's that arrived with my gun as I have not found one broken in half yet.
    Bottle makes loading my M96 much easier.
    The price is on par with what I can purchase locally so would check around before you have to wait to receive it in the mail.
    Good quality and worth it if you are already placing an order for something.


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