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  • Does the job

    posted by Porrsche

    LightweightSmaller when not in useSuits all standard bikesSuits all bicycle standard bottlesEasy to installBlackPlastic, lightweight and cheap
    Simple but smart Construction.Will the plastic last or break after ageing?Bought two and mounted them on two different bikes so we´ll see if i lasts.
    Cheap bicycle water bottle holder cage. Value for Your money. If You don´t need to cut every gram on Your bike, this will do the job.
  • Cheap and useful

    posted by fdg965

    I use this for my protein powder. It shakes really well with the steel spring ball. Plastic quality is good. Does not break when dropped. Screw top is tight. No leaking.
    Really cheap for my personal use. Love it. It could have some other variates like separate compartments for power and water. or comes in bigger cc bottle.
    Love it. I will use it until it gives up on me.
  • Good for typical drink PVC bottles

    posted by galex1962

    Comes with the screws (but, as a matter of fact, all bicycles has the screws already mounted on the frame).
    Adjustable, which enables put typical bike bottles as well as any other plastic bottles with drinks, even the small ones.
    The bottle is kept very hard and there is no risk to loose your drink, even during off-road biking.
    If you don't care of color, buy it. And you will never be thirsty riding your bicycle.
  • Very elegant, and strong

    posted by garfieldp

    Adaptability is great for all sizes of water bottles I usethe colored metal looks great in the sunshineFrom DX, this is great quality, and matches to what I would expect at a top of the line bike shop
    I don't really use the adjustability of the bottle holder that much, but I am glad that it is there just in case.
    A wonderful bottle holder that fulfilled its job for me, while also looking great at the same time.
  • Great bottle holder for a bike

    posted by AllgoodnameRgon

    This is a great bottle holder at a ridiculously low price. The bottle holder looks good and is easy to install. It took me about 2 minutes to remove my old bottle holder and replace it with this one.It will hold normal sized bottles that you can buy in bike stores or on DX, and also it will hold the normal 591ml Gatorade bottle. My other bottle holder couldn't (the Gatorade bottle would fall off as soon as I hit any kind of bump but it didn't hold it strongly enough).
    Some people say that plastic isn't strong enough for bicycle accessories, and it might be true if you do mountain biking, but for road biking I actually prefer plastic to aluminum because it is lighter.Comparable items sell for at least 3 times as much in stores in Canada.
    I love it. I'll probably get another one as my bike has 2 places to install bottle holders. Maybe I'll get a different color for the 2nd :)

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