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It's very convenient for you to find the pistol holster you want at our online shop. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

pistol holster Customers Reviews

  • Great holster

    posted by MTysonFG

    This one holster is really flexible of use for many guns. It is big enough to hold my Zeus G2, which fits well in it and also wide enough to carry my PGP Sheridan (pump action gun). I didnt expected so wide range of use, when I ordered this. For this price you cant get anything better in any country. It is really well made and easy to use.
    I was not expecting so good flexibility and factory precision. I think, its comparable with holster for 50 dollars, like RAP4. Maybe I miss some ammu pockets, but I knew, that its not here except of one that can hold small pack of 10 paintballs
    This one holster may suit to other PB guns like TPX Tippmann or Tiberius 8.1, or simillar
  • Not too shabby

    posted by MrPockects

    Good quality, generally cheaper than most over the shoulder holsters. Quality of stitching and material was typical for the price. Size fits most people although shorter individuals might have trouble securing the holster to the belt.
    A strap for across the chest would have made this more secure.
    Its cheap and holds your gun what else can you ask for?
  • Good for the price

    posted by derekv1000

    A nice simple way to hang a pistol under your arm. Easy to modify for a larger pistol with a laser or fore grip (m93r). lots of adjustment for fit.
    Good Deal for what you get, cant expect top quality for 14.60
    Good enough for playing airsoft, wouldnt trust it to storm the borders of a country, or even a small republic for that matter.
  • Bang Bang

    posted by 19benny86

    My first impression is actually pretty good. Made of hard plastic, and the gun fits perfectly inside. There is also a separate fuse that will hold back the gun, but it will not stick 100% on my gun,, but the gun is pretty well stuck in this, so it will not fall out of the holster without some force. I think it is a great item!
    Fits beretta 92. Go for it "cowboy"!
  • Cheap Airsoft pistol holster

    posted by Foxxy85

    Bought this drop leg holster for my M9 GBB, it fits perfectly since the holster is adjustable. The velcro strap on this thing is good but not the best.
    The material should have been a bit tougher, but the price is cheap.
    Overall this is a pretty good drop leg holster, not the mention the price is just right. Local store here is selling it 3 times the price in DealExtreme.

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