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pink usb flash

Check out the great pink usb flash to see if there is any that suits you. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Customers who purchased pink usb flash also viewed compact flash usb, ipad usb flash. With your support, we can do better.
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pink usb flash Customers Reviews

  • Super!

    posted by Pdunkel

    This is very nice, cute, fun, safe - everything you wish for a handy USB drive. Think about it. This is just great to keep with you. You can even HIDE this one better than anything, just put this among your other rubbers, pens and such...
    I was very positively surprised with the fancy tin can this was delivered. Very nice, thou the stupid DX-stickers are impossible to remove.Please, DX, put your stickers on places where are easily to removed. Think about it, if I want to give this as a gift it is not nice to have some codes written on it...
    Good, the best. If you need USB memorys why not get a piggy one?
  • Just received it

    posted by Robin95

    * It looks like a rose, although I think it would look better if it were a red one.* It can be used as a key chain.* The top won't fall off of its own. It's too tight for that.* The USB plug isn't too tight or lose; You won't have to push hard to get it in, and it won't easily fall out of your computer's USB port.* If it's on a key chain, you won't notice that it's actually a USB drive until you pull off the top.* It looks as if it's one rubber object. You won't easily be able to tell there's a USB drive hidden inside it.* It's reported by my operating system to be 4.2 GB rather than just 4.0 GB, but this could be related to things like cluster size.* It came in a round box with soft material.
    I ran a benchmark on this. Results;* Minimum read rate: 17.7 MB/s* Maximum read rate: 20.7 MB/s* Average read rate: 18.4 MB/s* Minimum write rate: 2.1 MB/s* Maximum write rate: 5.5 MB/s* Average write rate: 3.0 MB/s* Average access time: 1.5 mshttp://i.imgur.com/PRHXGVL.png
    Seems like a good product. Not all that suitable for transferring big files, though.
  • Cheap and nice souvenier

    posted by kaltuzak

    It's a nice and cute (my friend's words) souvenier, and still usefull as a pen drive. Suggested mostly for girls.There are few more options with higher memory capacity and designs, which is really nice.
    I think I miss a key chain only, nothing more to add.
    It's not to impress, it's just a souvenir. Works well as a pen drive too. I'm glad it came fast, but I think it was just luck.Well, it's a nice gift, it's a buy.
  • Awesome item

    posted by hramaker

    Pros:Great item thast you can carry very easy in your personal wallet.Item has the same size as a regular credit Card.Now you can carry 4Gb of datastorage in your personal wallet.Nice design
    Great item that you can be used by everyone
    Awesome and or excellent product for a verry acceptable price!!!!!!!!!Hope that this will be used for for a long time In general: excellent item
  • beautiful rose

    posted by Ferxxmiglia

    a beautiful rose with an excellent data storage capacity!. It is perfect gift for a lady friend, to express our feelings.A very good presentation in a small tin, ideal for gifts.It is a very good design. The flower is the cap of the pen drive. It is easy to transport it has an ideal size.The pen drive has a very good capacity and working properly tested on several different computers.
    he tenido mala suerte con el tiempo de entrega de este producto. Es recomendable acordar la forma de envío para evitar demoras.
    the product is highly recommended. the cost-benefit ratio is highly positive. It's perfect to send a gift to your love. Expresale a tu novia cuanto la amas!

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