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You can find fashionable pink cup at a low price. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

pink cup Customers Reviews

  • Great thermos for baby

    posted by 126vova

    Price to quality ratio - excellent. Beautiful and comfortable does not look cheap.
    Great price on a parity to kachestvu.Udobny and practical to use.
    What a bargain for a low price.I will buy a second thermos of a different color for the second child.
  • Too cute to resist…

    posted by Nickfr

    Really very cool, nicely made and fairly good quality …color design, plastic and silicone cover is fairly good quality…aesthetic and fun to have … surly the cutest item I have ordered on DL…
    go for it ... it is too cute
    A geek must have and fun for the family for all ages perfect for a gift …. it is too cute.... it is too cute.... it is too cute.... it is too cute.... it is too cute....dammed… the 500 character rules…. . dammed… the 500 character rules…. . dammed… the 500 character rules…. .
  • Fácil de usar e muito útil

    posted by AndradeCariri

    Product very simple, functional, user accessible to anyone. Sharpens knives with ease and immediate return pe. In my house wore traditional grinders that took a long time to do the job and get a good quality sharpening. With this equipment not waste more time and I do not cjateio to sharpen our knives. Simple things that result in fewer problems and more time to devote to other home activity.
    Como sugestão poderia apresentar uma forma que se adequasse mais a amolar tesouras. É verdade que é possível amolar tesouras com ele, mas não seu formato não permite o melhor resultado. E geral sugiro a compra do produto e acredito pela sua simplicidade e eficiência será do gosto de todos.
    here are other grinders in dx. In my country, Brazil, this type of product is rare to be found, as most people prefer the traditional use or do not want to pay 10 times more for the same products that are sold on TV ads.
  • Super cute design non-slip coasters

    posted by heilong

    I really love their design. Very cute and pretty.Silicone material is very grippy and stays wherever you put it.Good quality.
    I've bought this together with another beautiful design in the same style, SKU 228115
    A very pretty coaster that would work well for many settings. Since I'm in the tropics, often it doesn't perform it's function of keeping the table dry. A more suitable design for the hot&humid climate is a coaster with raised edges, it can keep more water inside without leaking. I'm still using them, though, just because they're so cute.I might get some bigger glass coasters and put these inside.
  • Suction Cup Pig Charm

    posted by Kokopure

    SO CUTE. Seriously, I don't know that there is something else you could use as a charm that's more universally adorable. I use mine as a stand for my Galaxy S3.
    I keep mine tied to a wrist strap on my bag for ease of access, as well as to show it off! Definitely no mistaking my bag for anyone else's.
    Adorable, useful, and cheap. If you intend on using the suction cup you may need to fix it a bit, but aside from that, a great purchase!


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