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pin switch Customers Reviews

  • very high quality switches but they dont light up

    posted by Mohanad1989

    the quality of these switches is very high, you feel that when you use them and turn them on and off, they don't feel cheap at all, were great when i soldered the wires, the plastic didn't deform or melt when i soldered them, and when i used them they worked great, i found only one bad thing about them, written in the cons
    wont choose these for future projects if i needed them to light up.
    if you want high quality switches without a light buy these.
  • GSM Power Switch

    posted by stojkecar

    Simple, easy setup, SMS control, White list for accepted numbers
    It was easy to setup. I had to bought AC adapter for EURO plug(1EUR). I udes manual to setup allowed numbers than can trigger switch. I use it for reseting Wireless BS on hills so i dont have to go there. I put it behind UPS, and connect all equipment behind it. When somethings stops, I send SMS for turning power OFF and again for ON. Helped me few times so far, and saved me gas money.
    Simple, cheap device for reseting your equipment and saving Your money.
  • Good quality switch

    posted by ebpDoug

    Very well made
    The metal "cover" appears to be stainless steel, and is very well punched and formed. The pins are also well punched and free of burrs so common in cheap products from China. Plastic molding quality is excellent. Nice smooth sliding action without binding. No risk of metal cover shorting to PCB traces.The pins on these are on 0.185" (4.7mm) centres and are about 51 mils x 26 mils (1.33 x .65mm). These pin spacings and dimensions are very common for high-quality miniature toggle switches from major manufacturers such as NKK, C&K and Alcoswitch.The switches are marked "3RA250V~5RA125V", which I take to mean 3 amperes, resistive load at 250VAC, 5A resistive @ 125VAC. They may not be highly reliable at very lower voltage and current (which is a universal issue with switches intended for power applications).
    Probably the best-made product I've ever bought from Deal Extreme. I'd love to be able to get smaller switches of similar quality.
  • Work very well

    posted by slePP

    All in all, these are quite small. The pins are easy to work with when using DuPont cables or similar. For the price, you really can't beat it if you just need a bunch of little switches that don't require soldering or through hole mounting.
    They are very physically small.
    I would buy more of these if 10 wasn't already probably more than I'll ever need. I have used half of them on projects and keep a few in the spares box all the time.
  • GREAT!

    posted by Micktator

    - They work as they should.- They look awesome wherever they are used.- Very good build quality!- Comes with nuts and rings to mount them to whatever you want!- Very cheap in comparison to normal hardwareshops (where they usually cost around €1.50 - €2,00 for just one switch)
    As usual, you will have to try about a dozen times before the wire fits, but thats normal.
    If you need a switch that looks awesome, is cheap and works great, don't hesitate to buy these! They work great and offer very good quality for the price!

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