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You can easily find the latest low priced pill box offered at our online shop. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

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  • Practical pocket pill box

    posted by nfrdl

    I found this extremely useful and it's very cheap!I was in need of something like this during my pregnancy, because I had to take many different pills a day, and having all the bottles on my desk wasn't a good idea. It really helped me organize my pills and not to forget to take them. Really useful and really cheap, similar ones in stores around here are much more expensive! The quality is fine.
    It's got 8 compartments, and there are only 7 days in a week LOL! But you can use it to store extra pills or whatever.
    Great, useful, practical, cheap, buy it!
  • Nice but big

    posted by amendocrem

    This is the third pill cutter I have, unfortunatly, sometimes old SKU do not come back, the previous one I have were smaller, but this will do the trick. If you have to cut a pill and store it this thing will help youJá utilizo cortadores de pilulas há algum tempo, este é o terceiro, os outros que eu tenho são menores, aqui no Brasil, o mais barato que eu achei foi R$10 na farmacia e parecia bem fragil e também era grande. De qualquer forma esse produto faz o que tem que ser feito
    if you need buy it, or if you need a smaller, wait until other skus appear
  • Practical box

    posted by kloki

    Is quite big and can hold a lot of pills for the day. Build quality seems very good. It slides and locks in place quite nice.
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    Price could be a little lower. Might be useful for older people who need pill management. ;)
  • Perfect quality, good price

    posted by kHaotic13

    There are a few positive aspects:First of all, it is well designed.Secondly, it has two layers and the second can be removed.Next. the locking system is good. It isn't easy to open if dropped.
    The plastic is tough, it isn't easy to get it dirty. Easy to clean.
    Buy it. It is a perfect case for pill!
  • A Geocachers must-have!

    posted by ShakurR

    I use these capsules for geocaching. They look decent, and are weather-resistant. They are water-proof too thanks to the black seal-ring between the lid and bottom part. They can be underwater (-1m) without leaking too.
    I haven't tested the underwater-capabilites of the capsules, but I've found my these capsules "drowned" under a small layer of water (because of rain), without getting the logbook moist. This does only count as long as they are closed properly = tight, but without breaking the seal. I haven't tested if they are waterproof if you remove the seal, but I'm assuming they're not.These are the same capsules as "148195", but they are cheaper considering [price/quantity]. They also different colours, just like the product image says.
    Geocaching must-buy!

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