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piece set Customers Reviews

  • Essential kit for electronics dissassembly

    posted by adlpz

    This set of plastic tools is simple and straightforward. You will need them if you want to open your consumer electronics without damaging components or bending the casings.The set has all sorts of tips and shapes and should suffice for most tasks
    A couple of the tools have some exotic shapes I'm not really sure what they are for. Probably I will bump into an use case some day, anyway.
    If you are of the tinkerer type and like to disassemble electronics for fun or repair, you want one of this sets. It will help you pry those annoying clips without damaging your casing as it happens when you use a screwdriver o any other metal tool.
  • Very cool figure set

    posted by jairjr

    Cheap for a 8 figure set. I loved the Itchy & Scratchy figures but I would like the Bart one in a different position, on a skate maybe.
    Why so small? The paint job could be better, but I can't ask much more for the price. I'll probably gonna search for another sets now.
    Cool gift for a fan. Can't go wrong if you like The Simpsons.Will be great on a display! Go ahead and get them while you can!
  • Precision Magnetic Screw Driver

    posted by triky1

    handy, quality is ok
    worked for my phone, watch and other things
  • Great geginners set

    posted by ArtyMarty

    There is a pick for just about every occasion, different shapes and sizes.Strong with good handles so you can feel what is going on.Comes with a nice pouch to keep them all together.
    You can make them work better by getting rid of the rough edges.Get some 400, 800 and 1000 grit sandpaper and give them a light polish. Then they slide very easy in and out of locks. The sandpaper will cost you $1It will take you 5 minutes.It will turn this $20 pick set into a $80 set.
    A great set of picks to start out with. Start with these and see if you like it.When you get the hang of these have a look for the electric pick gun with the orange handle. It will be a great addition to your tools. That is what I will get next.You do need both though, and until you learn how to use these you wont know what to feel for with the gun.
  • Cute

    posted by Itaboray

    It's a cute pendant. I bought for my wife, and she liked it a lot. It is very light, as it was expected. It is exactly like the pictures posted. Can be given as a gift, a treat. Women will enjoy.
    Only buy if you really like this model. It's cute as in the picture, but it's nothing surprising.
    You will not be disappointed making this purchase.

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