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  • Great for kids old enough to use them safely

    posted by pingtaf

    Great for kids and adults to build bracelets, collars, any scupture.Also brought it at work and many people just naturally start playing with them when they stop for a talk.
    Mix them with square ones and get creative.Be careful around young children as they can get very sick swallowing those tiny pieces.
    I would purchase again but not the golden ones. Stick with the silver color ones.
  • OK Prop adapters

    posted by Darkblade48

    The package of propeller adapters comes as a set of 5, which is quite useful. Even if you are building something like a quadcopter, then you will still have an extra (unfortunately, for those that are building a hexacopter or an octocopter, you will need to purchase an additional package). The adapters are made of aluminum, so they are lightweight and will help save a little bit of battery power.
    The collet that fits over the propeller adapter shaft does not fit snuggly to the bottom of the shaft either.
    There may be some other, better options out there for propeller adapters. While these propeller adapters work, they require significant work both on them, as well as the motor shaft, in order for them to be of any use.
  • great product

    posted by hfjelde

    The nailpolish remover works fine. It smells good. Personally im not a fan of lavender, but it still works. My favorite is the strawberry. It removes nailpolish like any other pads i have tried before, but this is much cheaper. It was great bargain.
    it removes nailpolish, simple as that.
    It was a good buy, and i have ordered more after the first time I tried it. I would recommand the product to everyone.
  • Durable, solderable

    posted by skela

    These were a bit too wide for my application, but I was able to bend the material without problems. It did not break even if I bent it a few times back and forth.I also had no problems when securing the cable connection by soldering.
    The product description could specify the exact dimensions:Outer width: 9.0mmInner width (screw thread diameter): 5.0mmNarrowest inner width: 4.0mm
    You can buy and adapt (bend, grind or cut) these even if the measurements are slightly off.
  • Very good batteries

    posted by lukasandrysik

    --> Excellent batteries. They are working correctly and they are also very cheap. Here i local store I can buy for the same price around 5 these batteries. Great deal
    -->Voltage is around 1,6V
    -->They are not branded but I think they have the same performance and the big battery companies have just different packing and batteries are the same.
    -->Perfect as replacement for small LED keychain flashlights etc
    The one weird thing is it has Pb and Hg warning on the label. But as far as i know mercury is not added to recent batteries. And also mercury batteries had constant 1,35V output. This one has around 1,6V And it looks more as standard alkaline or silver cell.
    Very good cells! Buy even if you don't need them reight now - it is handy to have some of them at home

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