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pick set Customers Reviews

  • Not Great but Not Bad

    posted by nmca2010

    -The locking screw can't be removed ...... so you won't lose it.-Good selection of picks.-Decent quality materials.
    I had the original southord jackkife which i lost and bought this a replacemnt, the build wuality is nowhere near as good as the original but as a tool its every bit as useful, in fact i prefer the selection of picks on this one.This would be a bad choice for a beginner, the picks are too loose to give good feedback.
    If you already know how to pick locks and want a set for you pocket this will be a handy tool but if you're a beginner this is a bad choice, get a set of normal picks to learn with.
  • Great Things...

    posted by kadiwara

    -very, very, very easy to use, so everybody is able to open padlocks with those picks- quite cheap- good build quality, I think you can`t crack them
    I think you should provide some of these with 3 or 4 pins, that would be handy too
    Everybody has to buy some of these... They are so useful if you lost a key or something else... It`s a very easy desing, and the Stasi already used them in East-Germany, and the have known what they did...
  • Fun for kids parties.

    posted by LtGlove

    You really have the feeling of a real carrot. The colors (orange and green) are realistic.The forks are well shaped.One you pick something it will not slip off the fork.
    It's a funny thing to put on the table when you have kids around. The will most like eat more because it's to eat with the carrot's leaves.
    Don't let kids fight with them. They could hurt themselves.When stored for a longer period cover them with something or they will be covered with dust.
  • Worth buying

    posted by Zolitan

    Is able to pick downward which is useful in some instances as there quite a few lock pins that are at the bottom.Easier than having to turn an upward pick gun upside down!
    Of the three items that I bought, this one is so far the better one.Buy it, but remember to not put the tension wheel too far back or else you will have problems!!
    The material of the gun is made of same material as any other pick gun, however attention should be given to the tension wheel as it malfunctions.Other than that it is not a bad tool.
  • picks are good quality but not the wrench

    posted by brampet

    the picks are good quality, the look the same as in the picture and they work well. They come in a little pouch wich is good quality as well.
    For small locks, the picks are a bit big, the ball pick is only for larger locks. There is no rake pick in the set wich is a shame.
    The set itself is quite good, and has it's usefullness. For the money, this is definitly a good set, and only a rake pick would have made it better, together with a better wrench.

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