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  • Does the job

    posted by CnopsJ

    + Nice price. Some products with the same usage are way more expensive.+ Does the job. You might need some practice
    No guidebook, but the internet (youtube) is filled with nice 'how to' video's. After a while you know how to use the product.
    the price matches the quality. Good for beginners. It does the job. After a while you will know how to use it.
  • Worth buying

    posted by Zolitan

    Is able to pick downward which is useful in some instances as there quite a few lock pins that are at the bottom.Easier than having to turn an upward pick gun upside down!
    Of the three items that I bought, this one is so far the better one.Buy it, but remember to not put the tension wheel too far back or else you will have problems!!
    The material of the gun is made of same material as any other pick gun, however attention should be given to the tension wheel as it malfunctions.Other than that it is not a bad tool.
  • Not too bad...

    posted by kewlkiwi

    It does the job. No problem with the battery, just let it charge properly the first time. And when the power is dropping off, use the usual precautions for NiCad batteries, i.e. discharge before re-charging.
    It takes practice to learn it's use. If you think you can just pick it up and instantly open any lock... you are in for a disappointment.
    It's noisy! You wont be sneaking around in the dead of night opening your neighbors doors, because said neighbor will be tapping you on the shoulder saying "What the hell do you think you're doing?"
    Looks like it's a modified electric drill.
    For the price, it's ok, and if you have no skill at all in lock picking this may well be just what you need for the occasional times you need to open a lock without a key.
  • Excellent product for a very good price.

    posted by jgeul

    Good quality. Comes with a nice set of accessoires. It is straightforward tool to use. Donward version is suitable for european locks (teeth go down when entering the key). With the help of the tension you can vary the force with which the pins are struck.
    Be adviced: please know that a pickgun is not some sort of magical tool. It too requires some practise to master. It will not open all locks nor will it do this in just one go most of the times. Sometimes picking the lock is faster. Also be aware that with a pick gun the pins are damaged with time and some cheaper locks are known to be actually damaged prevting them from working properly.
    It is definitly as good as any other pickgun (even well known brands) out there. If you are definite you want to buy one I would highly recommend this one. Be sure to use feather light tension on the wrench and low tension on the gun will most of the time do the trick, it is all about the subtlety.
  • Cool and effective

    posted by Cdizzle

    really cool item
    easy to use, i managed to unlock my front door in under a minute on my first turn and i can do a padlock i own in one click every time
    great price
    i love mine, i recommend it to anyone who needs an easy to use lock pick. very very impressive to friends. great present


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