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Check out the great phone tripod to see if there is any that suits you. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

phone tripod Customers Reviews

  • Very handy !

    posted by Drag0nDem0n

    -- Very useful. -- Sturdy, stays on the place you want it to be. -- Looks great. -- Extremely Cheap. -- 3 in 1 (Tripod for ordinary camera, Tripod for smartphone or other devices And a tripod for GoPro Hero 1,2,3) -- You can also use it as a regular camera tripod. -- Phone holder can hold up to 9 cm thick phones. -- Rubbers on the phone holder, so your phone can not fall off. -- Many colors to choose from: Black + White Black + Orange Black + Red Black + Yellow Black Grey Black + Blue Black + Green Black + Purple
    -- Very handy product
  • Works as expected with a few cons

    posted by xhirschix

    You get what you pay for. It's a lot cheaper than the original but it's worth the money and not total crap. The cellphone holder works even with big smartphones like my LG G2 and the tripod itself stands very steady whilst using it with a smartphone.
    It's sure not the best but worth its money. If you want to use it with a camera, use the original or a heavier version of this tripod.
    I would recommend this tripod for the use with a smartphone and it's really cheap.
  • Just perfect! Works well, has multiple functions and is cheap!

    posted by leoporfir

    The rods extend, increasing the height of the tripod! And the camera can move anywhere at an angle of 360 degrees. He holds the camera well and has a protective rubber that holds the device! It can also function as an image stabilizer for videos! It's really good!
    It is well balanced and does not fall easily. Hold the camera well and has good adjustments!
    Just perfect! Works well, has multiple functions, it is cheap and convenient!
  • handy product at a great price

    posted by dealrama

    - wide clip to hold big phones as big as the Galaxy Note 2- easy to use- decent quality- meets expectations
    i use my note 2 to record videos in many occasions. but it was a painful task. holding the phone in one hand was not fun. the phone would shake and holding it for long would be difficult and numbing. of course, there's always the challenge to hold the phone without blocking the camera! i badly needed something. as i was surfing dx.com one day, i came across this product - a tripod for note 2. i was thrilled to see such a product and immediately ordered it. the shipment promptly arrived in 2 weeks time. i opened the package and i must admit i was not at all dissatisfied. i was like - not bad for the price i paid. i started to use it and now i realize in how many different ways i can use this stand. a great bargain!
    The cellphone tripod stand is a very handy product that useful in occasions like video recording and video chatting. Also good for watching movies on your phone. Overall, a recommended accessory for every smart phone user. This one offers all this at good price with decent quality.
  • Tripod cellphone holder

    posted by siimsimsiim

    This tripod is not expensive, not big and verry usefull, the leggs are expendable and it can hold a iPhone, iPod touch, phones and much more, you can also take the part where you put you're device in of and put it on another tripod
    This tripod is not to big so you can carry it arround with you very easy
    If you do not have a camera but you have a cell phone or so where you want to film with or take pictures with, you need to buy this one

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