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phone tool set

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phone tool set Customers Reviews

  • Good product, answers to your needs

    posted by Tijmen104

    very cheap and usefull, more then one piece of the brackable things, so you can brake one. works for all apple products.
    should include another screwdriver, to unscrew the one different screw in iphone 4.
    this product is not something you will buy one and keep for the rest of your life, but the price is low and the usefullness is high, so you can affort to re-order when broken.
  • Phone Disassembly Tool

    posted by plut54

    A valuable tool, is rescued in the repair of cellular phones, disassemble them easily and conveniently. Do not take up much space when stored. Already enjoyed several times, yet nothing is broken.
    It seems to me that this product might cost a little cheaper, or include at least a couple of screwdrivers. But even with this price it will pay off quickly!
    Overall very good product, but as was said above it could be cheaper.
  • If you're pulling phones apart - grab a few of these

    posted by strykeroz

    Very useful prying tools. Soft plastic helps prevent damage to your phone's case. Very low price so you can afford to keep a few sets (they will be damaged as you use them so you'll need to probably anyway)
    I initially bought these as part of a larger set but as they were the most used tools in the kit I have recently bought more just as this individual kit.
    Well worth having. And at this price, get a few!
  • Nice usefull tools

    posted by ostrom

    It is really a useful set of tools. You may not open many phones but it is good for other devices. If you need to use it often I recommend buying a 3 or more at once for savings. The prying tools is a good way to remove screens, lenses and cases with out damaging them. Can be use also to pop off clips correctly rather then breaking them.? The philips and slotted screw drives are a bonus, but majority of “small” electronics use them. The pick tool is perfect! A common guitar pick are weak if you push too much, this is strong.
    Buy one at least if you have a cell phone. Buy several for often use. They will not last long. DealExtreme could be beat for quality but never for price. A nice little carrying case or pouch would be nice or even a small box. Would not mine paying a little extra for that.
    You really can go wrong for a tool kit for this price. Does exactly what it suppose to.
  • Works great for tablet pc

    posted by thejackal

    Cheap and useful, My tablet pc likes to eat the micro sd card. If you don't get it just right it falls inside the unit. So the little pry tools worked great to pop the case apart. They didn't seem to mark up the case at all.
    Worth the money. Cheap and gets the job done. For the price buy a couple sets and just keep one in your tool chest for when ever.
    If you take allot of phone cases or game consoles apart it's worth it to buy a couple sets.

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