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The perfect phone strap android here to meet all your needs. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Find more popular products from android phone gps, android tv phone. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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phone strap android Customers Reviews

  • Great for the price

    posted by Batness

    I bought this for myself since I love my new Android...and let me say that for the price this little guy is fantastic. What does it do? Nothing; it's just a cute keychain! But boy is it cute.Pros:Soft-ish feeling body, and yet hasn't gotten scratched or dinged or lint all stuck to it. AND the antennae haven't broken off, which I've had happen with other (more expensive) Android products.LOVE that it comes in more colors than just "Android Green."
    If you want a little something to show the world you're an Android fan and don't wanna fork out money for "official" products, this is the way to go. Comes in several colors, squishy and adorable, easy way to spot an Android fan. I actually bought two different colors, happy with both of them! Bought this one for my brother and a black one for myself.
  • Android coolness

    posted by FooLsKi

    You get the Android coolness in four different colours. You can hang them on your phone or monitor, or whatever you can hook or tie the strap to.
    I ordered three sets, so I could spread some Android coolness around. This makes a great gift for someone who likes his/her Android phone/tablet/whatever.
    They're pretty weighty and the rubbery texture will definitely keep my phone from slipping out of my pocket.
    If you like Android and you want an original phone accesoire, this is about as cool as it gets (until DX starts selling BT remote controlled androids that can be controlled from Android OS ;)
  • Cute strap!

    posted by fzolezzi

    -What you see is what you get.-Silicone quality is good. And so is the strap.-Arms are not attached to the body on only one pint as you see it on the picture. Instead, the whole arm is attached. Which I think is better if you don't want to lose the arms so easily. However I wonder how long the will remain joined!
    I don't regret buying this. In fact I would order it again.Looks very nice on my key-chain -- too bad my phone doesn't allow straps.
  • Really is cute

    posted by zippyzap

    Really does look cute.
    Reasonably priced.
    Great for fans of Google Android.
    Nearly the proper color for Android.
    Easy to use it to pull your phone from your pocket if you leave it dangling out.
    Mine broke off from the strap. It might be repairable but I haven't tried it yet. Kind of disappointing.
    I think I would like it better if it was around 2/3 the size, and of course without the ugly printing on the back. Heck, maybe even make it flat (2D) instead of round (3D).
    Great for fans of Android.
  • cool

    posted by frdeitos

    The droids are awesome and looks nice on your cellphone or in your keychainWhat you buy is what you see
    I don't regret buying this. In fact I would order it again. Looks very nice on my key-chain -- too bad my phone doesn't allow straps.
    but is a mice product

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