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This is our best phone orange, they all share a great design and great prices. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

phone orange Customers Reviews

  • Does what it is supposed to do

    posted by krionix

    Best price (same looking, blue one, here on DX cost much more). Nice PCB and good soldiering of the components. Look at my pictures to check it.Dual tone, many functions, easy operation. Build in LED lamp :)Works on live simple 100/1000 networks (I would not connect it to POE networks !!! ). Does not harm network devices at all.
    Good price, pouch include and 2 9v batteries.
    Go for it or buy Mastech MS6813 here on DX (looks more pro, compact and so on but higher price). Does what it is supposed to do. Highly recommended product!!!
  • Works fine with iPhone 5 and iPad 2

    posted by Palinghaas

    - Good build quality- Easy to use- Works with iOS devices (tested with iPhone 5 and iPad 2)- 5 leds to show status including power, connection and activity
    - Tested with the EOBD Facile app on iOS 7.1
    Buy this if you're looking for an OBDII / ELM 327 reader supported by iOS (or Android). Don't bother with the even higher priced "Black + Orange + Multicolored" version, it's the same device.
  • Good kit! very useful

    posted by bmw2002e3

    This toolkit is good. very useful, also its handy to have the tray to remember which screw goes where. I've used it on multiple devices. Screwdrivers are decent quality. The black pry tool worked very well.
    A kit that would get you through a few repairs, but I wouldn't expect to use it to make a living.
    For the price, this kit is good, and will get you by. I use this combined with a better set of screwdrivers.
  • It's nice and different

    posted by lguerrero

    It has the right size for the most of cell phones. Its sintetic material will also help to protect your cell phone on rainy days and humid environments.Its design and color makes it someting unique.
    It works for what it was meant for.
    If you like it in the picture, you'll like it when you get it. For its price on DX it really worth to try it.
  • Very good and cheap barphone....

    posted by Delijas63

    Phone arrived verry fast, two weeks. Its arrived in good conditions. Final production is not to much good but im satisfied coz its 40$. Im not full tested it yet (water,dust,shock) but i beliefe its ok, ill make new comment if its not be satisfied with phone. I charged him one time (full) and its on one line and its 2 weeks from charging so seems 5k Mah battery is excellent. Have good Battery(flashlight) u can put on any number on your keyboard and its go to almost 10 meters or more with good light.
    Nothing speciall to tell except that u cant use camera without atlast 1GB TF Card and camera is 0,3MPX loolz....
    Very good phone for that price and i beliefe that is waterproff and rest of certificate that have, think is true, but as i said ill tell u all if i get any problem after testing, waiting battery to die to i can charge it full for secon time and then ill test him on all IP67....

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