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  • It's nice and different

    posted by lguerrero

    It has the right size for the most of cell phones. Its sintetic material will also help to protect your cell phone on rainy days and humid environments.Its design and color makes it someting unique.
    It works for what it was meant for.
    If you like it in the picture, you'll like it when you get it. For its price on DX it really worth to try it.
  • Quite good handbag

    posted by Perchilo

    High quality of a material. Seams are executed well, there are no dangling threads. Bought as an additional handbag for the charger, accumulators, a connecting cable and memory cards for the camera to take it everything with itself in a trip. All above-mentioned gets that is quite convenient.
    It is necessary to observe the declared sizes and description of the packing list.
    It is possible to recommend as an inexpensive and qualitative handbag for the camera, the mobile phone or accessories for them.
  • Good Buy

    posted by monsieurtoh

    The product is exactly what is shown in the photo and on the website. I feel that it has a good built quality. The price is very reasonable, less than 20% what it costs here in Singapore.
    I use it to store small cables that I don't want to tangled and other small pieces of equipment. It performs the function well.
    Good buy. Simple product, can't exactly go wrong I suppose. Better yet, get a few more, especially at this price.
  • Good

    posted by tobexy

    -- English -- She is very beautiful and the impression of being waterproof, but it is not. Very good and worked at Motorola EX115. Material of good quality, I believe it will last long.-- Português -- Ela é muito bonita e a impressão de ser à prova d'água, mas não é. Muito bom e trabalhou na Motorola EX115. Material de boa qualidade, eu acredito que vai durar muito tempo.
    -- English -- It took around 45 days to arrive here in Brazil.-- Português -- Demorou cerca de 45 dias para chegar aqui no Brasil.
    I recomend
  • great pricing

    posted by kaivan

    A very good designed holder for GPS/and large mobile phones on your bicycle or motor cycle handle.
    it fits to handle bar/rod of 1/2 inch to 1 inch.
    the gps/mobile holder arms are of good design with soft foam.
    the arms can be adjusted up or down as per your unit size, small or thicker/wider units can also fit comfortably.
    the butterfly screw for mounting the unit on the handle bar is comfortable and easy to use without any tools.
    you also get the rubber strips in the package to adjust for thin handle bars while clamping it.
    the upper holder unit(the arm area) can be easily dismantled without removing the complete unit.
    On one press of the button on the unit the arms swing open wide for easy access of the unit removal or fitments, just press the arms together for fitting it back.
    the unit keeps my GPS Garmin map76 model very secured on my motorcycle up to 100 KPH / 60 MPH with bumps and jumps. i still tie mine with a lanyard, i do not want mine to lose if it fails.
    The swivel lock is also easy to rotate and is of great help as my base unit sits in an angle on the handle bar and my GPS can be adjusted for easy visibility.
    very easy to open,clean,washable and cheap...very cheap price for the same kind of product with a brand.
    Very stable model and is only good for large size units...will not fit average phone size...the nokia N82 is the best to fit in the smallest size...the garmin Map76 GPS fits with ease.
    great buy for my bike...i love this toy.very happy

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