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  • Case works good, headphones are bad

    posted by Maanloper

    The case seems pretty watertight, tested it with my cellphone for 24 hours. Submerged it in the sink and not a single droplet of water came in, so that is nice. And it seems the headphones still work after being submerged for that time, but my left side never worked from when I unpacked so could not properly test that.
    If you don't like these style of headphones, order seperate waterproof earphones.
    Buy it, you won't regret it. But watch out your phones fits in it as otherwise it won't shut properly (my big phone does not fit whereas my small sports-phone does fit perfectly in it!)
  • Fits snugly on Moto X

    posted by RicardoConsonni

    - Elegant and discrete- Very flexible and durable material- Easy to put on the Moto X, won't come off unless you stretch it- Cheap- Low profile - won't make your cell phone much thicker
    This is a great product, if you have a Moto X and need a protective case, get it now.
    This is an excellent protective case for your Moto X, for a very low price - great value. Get it now!
  • Perfect waterproof phone-guard for any watersport

    posted by Jeronimus

    Easy to use closing mechanismPerfectly water tight sealingactually floats (with heavy HTC Desire HD inside!)I can even have a phone conversation when I'm in the waterIt basically does exactly what you may expect
    Fluorescent coloured models would be easier to find in case of loss in the water
    I use it to guard my phone. I have a speed tracker on my phone for windsurfing. And it allows me to have a phone with me in case of an emergency.
  • Perfect case

    posted by Rhobson

    It's a simple plastic case, without any logo or "shiny" effect on it, apart of the shiny on the color.It's not made of hard plastic, so it has a little flexibility;And it's not made of any kind of silicon or rubber or anything, so there's no excessive grip on the surface (i.e. it's not hard to take it out of your pants pocket)
    A "high-end" model of this case could have a little rubber-like surface on the inside, so to protect the phone when it falls.
    Buy it if you want a cheap and discrete case to protect your Moto X.
  • Good cover

    posted by grandeapdx

    The cover is made of good plastic, fine on hand.Perfect fit on cell phone. Good adjust, it doesn't move when phone is inserted.Nice transparency, you can see through itEstá hecha de buen plástico, un buen tacto en la manoEncaja perfectamente en el teléfono, ajusta bien y no se mueve.La transparencia está bien, se llega a ver el logo "M" a través de ella
    Good cover, right size, not too thick. It does not increase the phone in a notorious wayBuena protección, el tamaño adecuado, no es muy gruesa y no aumenta mucho el tamaño total del telefono
    Buy if you need. Good purchaseComprala sin dudar. Buena compra.

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