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  • Nice colors :)

    posted by Maanloper

    Very nice colored usb cable you won't lose so often and if you take it somewhere it is easy to see which is yours. The length of 2 meter is also very nice so you have some space to move around the charger. Both connectors have a firm fit, so they won't come off your phone too quickly.
    For the price a very nice cable of good quality and decent length.
    Buy it if you like the color, you won't regret it :)
  • Nicely build

    posted by pileon

    I bought this cable to be able to charge my mobile phone during sleeping time. I use my mobile as an alarm so I need it near my bed but the power socket is quite far from my bed and the short cable I had was not enough.
    I have not tried to synch with a PC with this cable. I do not know if you may face noise or interferences with such a long cable for data transmission. There is not any ferrite passive filter on anyone of the ends. But once more, I have not tried and I do not intent do do it.
    Very happy with my purchase, it 100% fulfills my needs. If you need a long cord to charge your phone/tablet/toy etc then it is just what you need.
  • Excellent for the price

    posted by Syphor

    Easy to use
    Tested with several cables and it worked perfectly every time.
    A must-have for anyone who makes their own network cables, or anyone who works much with networking hardware at all. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if it's the cable or the device acting up.
    Build quality on mine seems decently solid, though the switch is at a slight angle in the recess.
    At the price, it's hard to beat for anyone making their own cabling.
  • the best cable

    posted by marceloftoledo

    the best out of this type that already had generally buy cables that are left with some kind of noise in the middle of the song, poor contact or somethingbut this cable is really quite good, not from any kind of interference
    the price is very good quality and best yet, I refer to all this cable, and besides everything is beautifuleven already bought another 2 of this in other colors!
    I submit to all, the best cable, thanks dx
  • Great external battery for your smartphone!

    posted by dukynko

    It really works :).
    Very portable and usable, commes with micro usb cable.
    Use AA, not AAA.
    Very good built quality, especialy for that price.
    It could be used with 2xAA NiMH GP 2500 mAh rechargeable batteries.
    I use it with my HTC Desire HD, which has poor 1230 mAh battery. It is excelent spare battery, for time when i am not nearby charger...for exampel for trips, geocachind, for long day trips, excursions and sightseeing. You can buy AA batteries almost everywhere, so it is extremely availaible source of power for your gadget :).
    I use it with 2xAA NiMH GP 2500 mAh rechargeable batteries.
    Charging current is average 310 mAh for my device, so it can charge my phone on stand-by or do longer stamina for heavy use with active GPS.
    Excelent deal if you need external battery for zour device.


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