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  • dog collar

    posted by tikki

    easy to youse. charge.fill up one of the mini spray bottles with the spary. insert in housing. activate the magnetic switch mount on dog.press the butons on the left to spray og the right to send beep sounds. the one in the center is the sos morse beep.
    great dog collar. the dog hate the spray in the face.
  • very effective,barking stoped right away

    posted by Nicklebug

    it is great that it is rechargeable and the charge last quite a while, the sound is quite loud so it really startles the dog when you press it.the price is great too.
    my dog now just needs to have the collar on and he stops barking. sometimes i just press it without it being on my dog so that he just hears the sound and then stops.
    it is a great buy for a real problem, i wish i had found this sooner and so do my neighbors!!
  • good choise

    posted by krapulax3b

    the dog stay inside, so the invisible fence is working.the central unit connecting and setup is very easy.the wire length is increaseable easy.the 6F22/9V battery is changeable, it is better than an built in accumulator, because there is no inactice time. i have two rehargeable 9v battery, so i can change it in 1 minute.
    before this product i used an made in france modell for 4 years. the wire remained in place, i changed only the central unit and the collar.my dog is smart. enough the sound sign (1st level) to stay home. but he know what the sound absence meaning too.
    it is a good product at good price.it can be a good solution for bad dogs.
  • Very good item and hard

    posted by nappate

    Very usefulness and hard. My dog didn't like to carry it, and tried to broke it but it can't. Vibration is enough for most dogs and the first level for the most obstinated, the second and the 3th level is too hard.
    Three levels for each collar are enough for all dogs. The most dogs only need a vibration for learn the lesson.
    I recomended this item, is very cheap and usefulness.
  • Very good

    posted by LadyEstonia

    Easy way to get my dog actually listen to me. Works also outside. Useful, small and easy to use.
    Good way to start training your dog, probably comes in handy when you have to start teaching your dog its name.
    Useful thingy. Small and I can take it everywhere. Really helpful outdoors because my dog doesnt understand her name yet, but now when I whistle, she comes at least a bit closer.

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