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  • Pet Dog Cat Plastic Ball Bell Toy

    posted by Ammiratore

    This a toy it's very atractive for my dog(Shih-tzu) because that bell. Is robust and very noisy. The toy is used every second of my dog :). I'm glad because my dog it's happy.It's interestig because my dog is traing to get out the noisy ball that is inside and is catching the ball every tine I throw to it. it;s his new best and prefered toy and i make new triks with the dog and reward it with the toy. the price and the product are very good and i'm glad that i buy this toy for my dog. i recomanded this toy for every dog that is active and for owners that are plaing with ther dogs.
    I don't have other throughts.
    In future I will buy another toy or a clothes for my dog.
  • Cat toy

    posted by oOKHKNOo

    My cat has loved it since he first saw it. He plays with it all the time, I guess that's the catnip's work. It has sand inside that makes a rustling sound that he seems to like. The feathers are well attached, and it looks durable.
    Except for the sharp plastic edge, it does not have any other cons to it, it is simple and cheap, and cats seem to like it.
    It is a cheap toy that cats will love.
  • It does the job

    posted by ZevaKi

    I have 4 cats, two of them loved this toy, but the other two looks intimidated by the toy, I think is just matter of time to them start playing as the other cats.The length of the wire allow me to just seat in the couch and play with the cats while I see a movie. Yes, I look like a lazy boy, but to be honest I would need a day of 30 hours to be able to share my time with all around me (pets, friend, work, family, etc). So, in some way, this toy allows me to be in two places at the same time: watching a movie with my wife and playing with my pets.
    The wire could be more thin to get a better movement without the risk of a whiplash.
    Good purchase, I do not regret.

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